LHS Administration Launches Updated, Accessible Website

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LHS Administration Launches Updated, Accessible Website

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The old Livermore High School website remains no longer. On Sept. 14, the LHS Administration published a new school website through the program “Blackboard.”

Through the LVJUSD District office and the superintendent, the website was created with the assistance of Vice Principal Brett Christopher, Video Production Teacher Gabe Castro, and Administrative Secretary Karla Hurst.

Christopher shared the main reason for the updated website, “The new website has better useability for the [Americans with Disabilities Act] Compliance with screen readers and has more information.” He explained the fact that the new format makes it possible for users with disabilities to better access school news.

Christopher also added, “Once students understand the new website it will be easier and have more information.”

Castro expressed why he thinks the new format will work better, saying, “The new website is less messy. The old [website] had too many links.” Castro assisted in graphics, color scheme, initial build, adding student photos, and giving tutorials to teachers.

Castro mentioned the advantage of the new website later in the year during the annual Operation Needle Drop. Operation Needle Drop features students dancing and lip synching around the school.

With the new website, students will be able to find direct information about the event and sign ups. Students can also find additional features, including a link to the Associated Student Body website and information from Cowboy Nation News on the homepage.

Hurst has been keeping the calendar updated with recent events, which will be continued throughout the school year.

Hurst stated her opinion of the changes, “The new website looks better and is user friendly. It has new communication for teachers to directly email students.”

When asked about the advantages of the Blackboard program, she emphasized the new communication and added information through parent and student specific tabs.

A misconception about the new website is whether or not Blackboard will replace School Loop as the primary grading platform. Hurst confirmed, “The new website does have a School Loop link.”

Student Nyah Said (10) shared her opinion, “I like it, but I have to get used to the change.” She also, mentioned the only way she found out about the new website was through her math teacher.

Student Gwen Finkbeiner (10) echoed similar thoughts, “My German teacher was the only way I heard about it, and it’s difficult to find the School Loop link.”

Both students think that the teachers, and school administration should work to communicate more information and instructions to access the website.

As modern technology continues to grow, the new website proves that the school district, and LHS, is trying to keep up to date with technology in order to benefit students.