Football Season Is Here But Our Football Field Isn´t

This year the Livermore High School Freshman football team only plays three home games due to the construction happening to the field.

Many players enjoy away games but wish there were more at home.

“It’s fun to get out of school early, but I get home late with a lot of homework to do,” said Leonardo Espinoza (9), Left Tackle.

Furthermore, Espinoza thinks the football field will be better than it was before, even though they weren’t able to use it for most of the season.

Daniel Espinoza (9), Linebacker, says, “It’s stressful but at the same time fun traveling and winning against other teams.”

Even though it’s disappointing not having any home games for almost the whole season, the freshman football team has had a 4-1 record. Ryan King (9),Defensive End, believes that it’s not fun having most of the games being away from home.

“I want my home field, it feels good playing home not just playing at other peoples football fields,” says King.

King thinks it’s worth waiting for the new field because of all the improvements it’s getting.

In the end, the football field may be taking a while, but when it’s done most of the team believes it will be worth the wait.