Police Investigate Threatening Note Found in LHS Bathroom


Madelyne Gold

Student Resource Officer Jennifer Rios’ squad car sits outside LHS Tuesday Morning.

On Monday, Sept. 17, a handwritten note was found in one of the girls’ bathrooms at Livermore High School, which allegedly contained a threat of violence against the school. 

The note was found by another group of students who immediately took it to campus administrators, said LHS Principal Victoria Scudder, who added that school administrators then made the decision to get the Livermore Police Department involved in order to ensure the safety of all the students and faculty members at LHS.

Late Monday night after the police had been called, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District Superintendent Kelly Bowers sent an email to parents of LHS students, which read in part, “There is no credible threat to our campus. However, in an abundance of caution and in order to ensure all staff and students feel secure, we will have a strong and visible adult presence on campus.”

Bowers said that earlier Monday evening she had been informed by LVJUSD Director of Student Services Scott Vernoy that the police were being called. Bowers said the district’s immediate response was to do a threat assessment in conjunction with the LPD. When the LPD determined that there was no credible threat to the LHS campus, the decision was made to keep the school open on Tuesday.

Bowers said the exact contents of the threatening note cannot be discussed while the investigations into its author are ongoing. 

Students arrived on campus Tuesday morning to Bowers and several LPD officers making their presence felt on campus, which Bowers stated was intended to create a sense of protection and safety for students and staff.

A post placed on the LPD Facebook page on Monday stated, “LPD does not take this matter lightly and is working closely with school officials in the furtherance of investigative leads. As a precaution, LPD assigned extra officers to patrol the area of Livermore High School today and will continue to assign extra officers as needed throughout the week.”

Scudder also addressed rumors that were circulated on campus and over social media regarding alleged “threatening phone calls” being received by LHS students.  Some of those circulating the rumors alleged that the phone calls mentioned a “list” that some students were on.  However, Scudder said that LPD has “no evidence of such calls.” 

Bowers confirmed that there have been no reports made to LPD about threatening calls in connection with the note found at LHS. She added that the goal of the district in this situation is to reinforce and emphasize how counterproductive it is to spread rumors and escalate the situation through social media and other means. Bowers said, “When we band together to do good things, it makes our community safer and a better place.”

If you have any information regarding this incident, you can contact LPD via the Public Information Officer line: (925) 371-4777.