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So Long, Cowboys: Senior Survey 2018

June 1, 2018

High school is the place where teenagers can further their understanding of themselves, and where children mature into young adults. The class of 2018 has been doing just that since they entered Livermore High School in 2014. Even though the past four years have been filled with fun, sadness, success, failure, and joy, it’s time to move past this formative chapter of their lives. Looking back, these Cowboys reflect on the wisdom they have accumulated through their experiences and eternalize their place at LHS. Congratulations and farewell, Class of 2018!

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A – B

Eve Banas (17)
“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald
1. Debate Team.
3. Attending UC Davis as a microbiology major.
4. School… so much school.
6. Mr. Cabasino because he is one of the only teachers that truly cares about his students and puts in the time to prove it.
9. You don’t have to get the highest scores to accomplish what you want.

Sophie Bertsekas (18)
“Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.” – Unknown
1. My first snow day and junior prom.
2. First time doing warm ups in Choir.
3. Vet school.
4. Being happy as a certified vet technician and depending on how far into my future I want to say living in my dream home with my family having lots of land and animals.
5. My sister.
6. Ms. Raymond.
7. I believe more in myself and using my voice for what I believe in.
8. Probably my sophomore year.
9. Do what makes you happy and enjoy the best things in life.
10. Your future is up to you. Your choices, dreams, and the way you reach your goals is up to which path you put yourself down.

Kyle Logan Betz (17)
“Life is tough, but it’s tougher when you’re stupid. – John Wayne
1. Playing for the Freshman football team.
2. Listening to Mr. Perotti’s jokes.
3. Study Wildlife and Fisheries sciences so I can become a fish and game warden.
4. I see myself reaching my goals and raising a beautiful family.
5. My grandpa Forrest
6. Mrs. Walker, she taught me it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.
7. I have been staying up on my school work.
8. I would go back and play more sports.
9. Don’t blink, your high school days will flash before your eyes. Cherish every moment.

Stephen Billowitch (18)
1. When we still had Solorzano.
2. The University of Arizona.
3. Owning real estate and being a private investor.
4. My father.
5. Todd Schmokel.
6. I have realized how the real world works and how the people you call your friends are fake.
7. Yes, I would change who I hung out with for the past year.
8. Drop out of GEA. It’s not worth it.
9. The teaching is horrible except for a handful of teachers.

Miriam Brown (18)
“Life’s a beach; wear it.” – Charles Brown
1. I loved taking Latin every year. The Latin class was a place where I could learn and have fun at the same time. I fondly remember our little parties that we had after taking our finals, the fun projects, and the “Gallic Wars” capture-the-flag games that we played with the French classes. Valete, mei amici! Memento comedere frumentum!
2. We had some really funny times in Mr. Parr’s English class. I remember walking into the classroom for the first time, seeing all the bird pictures on the walls, and thinking, “What?” That, in addition to all Mr. Parr’s jokes, his good-natured sarcasm and sass, and all the great people in that class, made those two trimesters of English my funniest memory from LHS.
3. I will be attending BYU in Provo, Utah starting this fall. My older sister and brother will be going there with me, and we’re going to spend a lot of time together. I will major in English and also focus on my creative writing skills so I can fulfill my lifelong dream of being a published fantasy author.
4. I can see many opportunities for learning new things and making new friends in my future. I want to be successful, and while I can’t be certain now that I will, I know that if stay determined, I can live a happy life.
5. My mom and dad have been my biggest inspirations. Together, they have taught me the value of faith, hard work, kindness, honesty, laughter, and all the many other things that make me who I am.
6. Mr. Parr is one teacher who had a big impact on me. Before his class, I didn’t fully realize the power behind words. He taught me to think more about my writing and make it as effective as possible. He also taught me how fun it could be!
7. I have definitely become more confident since freshman year. All my experiences with learning new things, meeting people, and participating in extracurricular activities have broadened my skills and made me feel more ready for any challenge.
8. I wouldn’t redo any part of high school. Everything that has happened to me, good or bad, is equally important in making me who I am.
9. Don’t be afraid to talk to new people and teachers. People are fun!
10. I could easily look back on all the things that made high school hard, weird, or boring, but I won’t. It’s much more fun and motivating to look at the past for its best parts and hope for a great present and future.

Maya Brunell (17)
“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou
1. I can’t quite pinpoint a specific memory, although the best times for me were when I was in the zone during a test or quiz. It’s the greatest feeling in the world when you know something really well and can convey that to, not only the teacher, but yourself.
2. My funniest, and most embarrassing, memory was when I was a freshman. I would carry my clarinet case with me everywhere that year, and in this case, I was in the locker room after P.E. I was late to dress back into my normal clothes because I couldn’t get my locker to open. As I finished dressing, I knocked my clarinet case over and all of its contents went crashing everywhere. The second bell rang, and being that my next class was in the portables, I picked up and carried the contents of my clarinet case clutched in my hands as I ran across campus. I looked like a certified crazy woman, running around with reeds sticking out between fingers and my cleaning cloth trailing behind me on the ground.
3. I am going to attend the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California and am going to go into the Speech-Language Pathology program there.
4. I envision a lot of work, failure, and success. I see a long path in front of me filled with hunkering down and getting it done. I also see myself maturing and finding what and who makes me happy.
5. There hasn’t been one specific person who’s inspired me consistently. Inspiration usually comes from different places based off of what I need inspiration for. Nature, music, and some of the great pieces of literature inspire me when it comes to creativity and being productive in my academic work. When it comes to life in general, people like Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and Mother Teresa inspire me to do what I believe is right and to never give up. It’s interesting because these people were some of the greatest who ever lived, yet they were still just people. That’s what inspires me to be the best I can.
6. Mr. Cabasino, because he taught me the intellectual satisfaction in hard work. Mr. Parr, because he taught me how to think about and question the world around me. Ms. Sarraille, because she taught me how to believe in myself and in what I do.
7. I have become more comfortable in my surroundings. When I was a freshman, I was on edge all the time. I set myself to crazy standards and made sure I met them. I’ve also become more mature in my thoughts. I can now form my own opinions on important matters because my view of the world has changed.
8. I wouldn’t go back to any moment in high school. I like to keep things where they are, so the past should stay in the past. I’ve got enough to handle in the present.
9. Relax. Nothing is going to fall apart if you give yourself a break.
10. Looking back at everything I’ve accomplished throughout high school, I can say I am truly proud of myself. I’ve never worked for something so hard or been so committed to anything in my life. In all my future endeavors, I will look back on this time and hopefully inspire myself to keep going and to always believe that I can be better and do better.

Angelina Burkett (17)
“Have courage and be kind.” – Cinderella
1. My volleyball senior night on my birthday and having all my friends come and watch.
2. I’m going to Purdue to study forensic science and biology.
4. My dream job is to work as a forensic analyst for the FBI but any job dealing with Forensic Science is most likely where I will end up.
5. Watching my dad get his Bachelor’s Degree and my mom get her Masters degree both within the four years I’ve been in high school.
6. Mrs. Burgin showed me what a college class will feel like and advised me on what science courses to take and gave me so much advice for college and school. Ms. Raymond showed me you can still have fun while at school/work and not everything has to be serious all the time.
7. I have matured tremendously. I know what working for myself means and I understand the value of money and friendship. I learned how to balance time between school, multiple sports, and work. I became an adult.
9. Stop worrying about what other people think, stop being so shy, and just have fun! Get up and have a dance party with your friends! Savor every moment because the older you get the more quickly time flies.

Amanda Burruss (18)
“You try you fail, you try you fail, but the only true failure is when you stop trying.” – Madame Leota Haunted Mansion
1. Definitely hanging out at football games.
2. Watching how pissed Vierra would get when kids would yell CrossFit at him. Sorry Vierra, haha.
3. Community college.
4. Hopefully doing something I love.
5. My family.
6. Mrs. Borst, Mrs. Raymond, Mrs. Johnson, and Miss Cannon. I cannot thank them enough for being such understanding and incredible people.
7. Mentally.
8. I would hit redo on the time I met someone I wasted an embarrassing amount of time on.
9. Try harder, it’s worth it.
10. Peace out

Olivia Buskard (18)
“Hello there!” – Obi-Wan
1. My favorite memory at LHS was the football games. They were a lot of fun and I got to hang with my friends and even make some new ones.
2. My funniest memory from my time at LHS is when the teachers would start cussing about the kids who pulled the fire alarm 5 times.
3. I am going to Montana State University to study Computer Science.
4. I envision having a house, kids and a solid job.
5. So far, Madame Sinibaldi has been a big inspiration. She deals with a kid and her own school and still shows up to school with a smile.
6. The teacher that had the biggest impact on me was probably Mrs. Walker. I think I understand math more because of her teaching style and relentless lessons so we would understand the content perfectly.
7. I am more mature, in a better place, and have a better support system.
8. I would hit redo on the people I chose to hang out with. They made my life a little like hell and if I had the chance to go back and see that, I would give anything.
10. We need to be more informed and have leadership listen to the student body more.


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Chris Cadrecha (18)
“Let’s talk about this plan of yours. I think it’s good, but it sucks so let me make the plan.” – Peter Quill
1. Starting senior year.
2. Being in Oftedal’s physics class.
3. Attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and upon graduation be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.
4. A life in the Marine Corps with my stable family.
5. My dad and Infantry Marines Sgt. Mav and LCpl Jou.
6. Mrs. Johnston because she made me believe that I can pass calculus and I did.
7. I am more confident and mentally stronger.
8. No, I do not want to change my past.
9. Don’t be a snowflake.
10. Join the Marine Corps; best decision I’ve made.

Jacob Calaway (18)
“If a turtle was a bird could it fly?” – Me, Myself, and I
1. Snowball fights before Christmas break.
2. Falling off of a car.
3. Major in Biology at SDSU.
4. Hopefully get accepted into medical school and become a doctor.5. Javale Mcgee, because he is the GOAT.6. Mr. Rodriguez, because he is the GOAT.
7. The hair and sometimes I talk to people.
8. Disney Trip, because I like Disneyland.
10. “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let’s shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Coming! Hang on a second.”

Stephanie Castro (18)
“This was nothing like High School Musical.” – Unknown
1. The first day of Senior Year.
2. Can’t think of any.
3. I will be attending Carrington College.
4. Genuine happiness, financial stability, good career, forming more friendships.
5. My grandma, Esther.
6. Mrs. Johnson because I admire her intelligence and how kind & genuine she is. Not to mention she is an incredible English teacher! I loved having her for English 11B and ERWC.
7. I became more responsible, learned to let things go and not to stress about the future or past.
9. Stop being so late every day!

Nicholas Chan (18)
3. UC Davis for Computer Science
6. Ms. Raymond: She knows how life works. Mr. Moser: He has more expertise than I’ll ever know.

Cristina Chavez (18)
“You are hated because of your beauty and power”
1. Maybe junior prom just because it was the first “formal” dance that was only for a certain class.
2. Maybe the times that students have fallen asleep in class and to see how teachers wake them up.
3. Attending a community college and then transferring to a 4-year college
4. To be happy with myself
5. Family and friends who are going through the same thing I am.
6. Brian Poynter, he has had the biggest impact on me personally because he cares so much about his students and he is one of the teachers that you can openly talk to you about problems. He’s really a mentor in a way.
7. I have grown as a person and I no longer let people step and walk all over me.
8. Maybe redo all of high school and challenge myself more.
9. Don’t worry about friends leaving you; the best people who care the most will stay and fight to be in your life.

Kyra Clark (18)
3. I’m going to Harvey Mudd College for Mathematical and Computational Biology
6. Mr. Cabasino because he changed the way I envision my own education and how I want to pursue it.

Lindsay Clendenen (18)
7. Yes
8. When my mom asked me what high school I wanted to go to and I said “Livermore” lol
9. Don’t take easy classes.

Piper Cooke (17)
“I AM THE YEAST OF THOUGHTS AND MIND” -the globgogabgalab
1. Every day in Barry Parr’s class
2. The green beans
3. UCSB as a chem major
4. Hopefully not dying
5. Barry Parr and Sue Johnston and Kathy Hallenbeck!!
6. Johnston- she’s incredibly dedicated to all of her students and cares deeply about our success. Hallenbeck – she was incredibly generous and kind to me during AP chemistry and helped me to found the LHS chemistry club. Parr- his class taught me how to navigate the world around me as a young adult, and his kindness and mentorship were invaluable.
7. I have definitely grown more mature and less cringe-y!
8. When I decided to take AP Comp sci- it was really stressful and it won’t end up counting for college 🙁
9. You will do it! You will figure it out! It took a while but you did it! You’re the best!

Makenna Cordiano (18)
“Sometime you gotta work a little to ball a lot” -Tom Haverford
1. My favorite memory will be the Disneyland senior trip
2. When I chased people around campus in a gorilla suit scaring them by screaming, “Scudder.”
3. Go to a two year, then transfer and hopefully get an internship at Pixar
4. A steady job in film, whether it be animation, sound, or writing scripts
5. My biggest inspiration in life so far has been Robin Williams. He brought joy to so many people of all different ages and I hope to eventually be able to do the same.
6. Mr. Castro, Ms. Raymond, and Mr. Gerardi have has the biggest impact on me because they are great mentors, and great advice givers. They help you learn from the experiences they’ve had from their past. And they are the best teachers I’ve ever had. These teachers have also shaped the path I plan on going on to after school.
7. Man I sure hope I’ve changed since freshman year. If I haven’t YIKES!
8. I would press redo on the senior grad trip to Disneyland, because I already know it’s going to be so much fun to be in the happiest place on earth with all my friend in one giant area.
9. You have confidence in yourself, trust me, you just have to find it. And once you do, you won’t be afraid of anything ever again.
10. Rock on, Cowboy Naysh!

Audrey Cordisco (18)
“Catch you on the flippity-flip” – Michael Scott
1. Sophomore year float
2. Slipping in the pouring rain while wearing a toga.
3. Attending Sonoma State University
4. Having a beautiful family
5. My broski Garrett Cordisco
6. Mr. Cabasino because he sparked my interest in writing and he helped me improve my work ethic and time management skills.
7. I’ve learned how to handle my feelings
8. Sophomore year homecoming
9. Don’t be so shy!

Josue Cruz (18)
“I can do all things through Christ”
1. When they bring ice before Christmas.
2. If you are a camp counselor the kids you take care of are sometimes hilarious.
3. Join the military.
4. A peaceful life.
5. My stepfather.
6. Mrs. Martin has been one of the most helpful people to me and Mrs. Borst my art teacher.
7. I’m a lot more confident.
8. I’d redo all of high school.
9. Don’t lose hope.

Patrick Cuadro (18)
“Life itself is your teacher, and you are in a state of constant learning.” – Bruce Lee
1. My favorite memory at LHS was playing the piano and singing in several of the Drama showcases in front of my friends and family.
2. My funniest memory at LHS was shooting and acting the most clingiest video clips for Video Pro.
3. Attend CSU East Bay for a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing
4. I will try to successfully finish nursing school and having a stable job to begin paying off my college debts. I hope to later on settle down with a family while still having the most rewarding job to help and care for others.
5. My biggest inspiration in my life is my brother who has educated me throughout my life on how to grow as a person.
6. Mr. Parr and Mr. Cabasino have the biggest impacts on my life thus far. They have taught me both what literature and rhetoric has a place in this world. Other than their English curriculum, I learned to cherish life in both of their classes.
7. I had complete changes both physically and mentally from freshman year. I would not have recognized myself back then; just crazily different.
8. Yes I would hit the redo on paying money to take the APUSH exam, because boy that was not fun…
9. You will see yourself change as a person throughout these short four years in high school. You may not notice it at first, but it will click once maturity and your interests start to change. Do not give up on your dreams on who you want to become in life and never forget to cherish moments that matter in the long run.
10. Quick shout out to Mr.Gagnier for being the teacher who influenced me to keep pressing on to learn and create one of life’s gifts; that gift was music.

Courtney Cuthbertson (18)
1. My junior year prom because my boyfriend made it so special
2. In Spanish class, my friend Mitzela and I would always read things super funny to make each other laugh.
3. Go to Las Positas for 2 years to get my AA degree and then transfer to a University to get my BA degree.
4. I envision succeeding towards my career and starting a family.
5. My mom and best friend.
6. Ms. Raymond because she always believed in me and helped me more than any teacher has. She taught me real-life lessons and gave advice that helped me when applying to college.
7. I have become so much more responsible and mature since freshman year. I have also learned so many valuable life lessons that have severely changed my life. I am so grateful for the change!
8. I would have taken more challenging classes and tried harder.
9. Your friends are not always your friends.

D – F

Kate Daily (17)
“Dreams cannot exist without reality.” – Señora Moyer
1. Any and all time spent on the Livermore High School stage!
2. I fell off the back of the set during a run of 1776 while dressed as a Founding Father. I didn’t break any bones- or more importantly the set- so we had a good laugh about it.
3. Brigham Young University.
4. I plan on being a military psychologist and having a family.
6. Ms. Raymond is the greatest example of making the best out of nothing, being positive when faced with obstacles, and encouraging others to fulfill their ambitions. Thank you!
7. My self-confidence has grown exponentially!
10. The theater program is seriously under-appreciated in LHS culture. The quality of each production is already phenomenal but could be increased by an addition to the theater budget. Just sayin’!

Sarah Daniels (18)
2. There was this one time my junior year, during a football game. I was out in the track cheering, when all of a sudden I looked down the field and there was this guy running down in a green suit. His whole body was covered but the only part that wasn’t was his butt.
3. After high school I’m going to Las Positas and after a year or so I really want to go to San Diego State University, to major in physiology.
4. In the future I really hope to be a child physiologist in a hospital, and mostly to just go living my best life.
5. So far my biggest inspiration is my older brother Karter. After he passed away in August, I just learned that I should always have a positive attitude on the world and I shouldn’t take anything for granted. He taught me that I always need to be there the most for people who need me.
7. Freshman year I used to me kinda emo. The heavy black eyeliner, metal music, and I didn’t care about much. But now look at me. I’m nowhere close to being emo.
8. I would probably hit the redo button on all my laziness. Being really lazy affected a lot for me. Like last year I almost couldn’t got to Prom because I waited until the last minute to buy my ticket.
9. I would tell my freshman self, “Stop thinking, ‘Oh I don’t care.’ You actually do. The mindset that you don’t care is going to mess up a lot for you.”

Spencer DeMera (18)
“I walked on the moon, what can’t you do?” – Astronaut Gene Cernan
1. My favorite memories are from senior year float practices and the final float performance. There were so many fun and happy memories there under the sunset that I will never get to experience again.
2. My funniest memory was watching Mr. Peters and Mr. Vierra sumo wrestling during the dark rally my sophomore year.
3. I plan to go to Las Positas College for two years, transfer to UC Irvine to major in computer sciences, then hopefully complete my doctorate at Caltech.
4. I envision myself as a NASA Astronaut.
5. Casey Neistat
6. Ms. Raymond has had the biggest impact on me, mostly because of her honesty, realism, and ability to connect with us as students rather than as lower individuals.
7. I am definitely more mature, I talk to different people, I have different standards, and I am pursuing a different career path than I thought I would.
8. I would not because I know how time works and I also know how valuable single moments in life are. I would much rather maintain a happy memory and allow myself to create new ones rather than redo and possibly mess up a happy memory.
9. Take harder classes, please.

Neha Dhingra (17)
“High school starts off like a roller coaster. And then the roller coaster crashes. Now you’re left with permanent injuries.” – Me (Neha Dhingra)
1. I was dissecting a rat in Bio class and one of my friends (*cough cough* Dallin Harwood) was completely disgusted. Being the amazing friend that I am, I wiggled the rat’s small intestine in front of Dallin’s face to make him even more uncomfortable. He probably still hates me for it. Oh well.
2. I was at my ROP internship site and I accidentally found out that all of the locked rooms in the hospital have the same code. How did I find that out? I typed the pin into the wrong keypad to see what it would do and it opened the door to the Operation Room in the middle of a surgery. It was really dumb but I couldn’t stop laughing. (Don’t tell my ROP teacher please)
3. I hope I’m going to UC Davis to major in Bio (it’s either that or Merced). My dream career is to become a cardiac surgeon so I can “play with people’s hearts” in the same way that they play with mine.
4. Idk; I’m not a psychic. I envision that I will be alive and breathing. That’s about it.
5. I’m not sure. I still need time to think about that.
6. Mrs. Matthews. She’s a phenomenal teacher and she is super sweet. It is clear that she tries really hard to make sure she is doing everything she can to help her students. I had her for AP Psychology and U.S. history and she put in her full effort in both classes. I remember that I barely had to study for any of the tests or quizzes we had because her teaching style was so effective. She would individually approach the students who were struggling and suggest ways they could improve their grades.
7. I’m 3 years older now. What a surprise!
8. Yes, picking out my classes for junior year because all of the APs I signed up for were electives so I could only fit in two of them.
9. Sign up for every single AP class you are considering and do the summer homework. Whether you like it or not is a later problem. Apply for the class first because you can always drop out if you don’t like it. My biggest problem was that I did not sign up for certain AP classes and I could never transfer into any after the school year began.
10. No. I don’t want to add anything. I tried to be funny in some of the responses. Don’t know if I succeeded or not.

Hannah Dolan (17)
“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” – George Orwell
1. My Favorite memory was hanging out with my friend in the amphitheater from my freshman to junior year. I have fond memories with my friends.
2. My freshman year, I was pooped on by a seagull and the next day someone threw a Gatorade bottle at my head by accident.
3. In the fall, I’ll be attending Las Positas college, then later transfer to an art school
4. More school, many cats, lots of art… maybe family
5. Lin Manuel Miranda Bring back the importance of the visual and performing arts. I felt that I could have a future as an artist.
6. The two teachers that have had the biggest impact on me are Mr. Enright and Ms. Raymond helped me improve my writing which helped me in AP literature with Mr. Cabasino. Both showed life lessons with the class that have changed my outlook. I looked forward to band because Mr. Enright made music enjoyable again and is a great person to talk to. I’m fortunate to have known these two outstanding teachers and people. I would like to thank them for being apart of my life.
7. I have become more comfortable with myself and more open to my friends during these four years, I’ve learned more about myself and the world.
8. I wouldn’t redo any moment because everything happens for a reason and I’ve accepted that.
9. Don’t stress out so much! If you feel down it will get better.

Tyler Ferrick (18)
“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard
1. Playing with the Lacrosse team in our first winning season
2. Every day in Mrs. Ortners class
3. I plan to serve in the United States Army
4. A happy relaxing life
5. My dad, it may not seem like it but I’ve looked up to him longer than I remember.
6. Kristine Ness has the biggest impact on me, she helped me when I was at my worst, and she helped me get back on track with my life.
7. I have changed a lot, I went from being a troublemaker who wasn’t going to graduate to a graduating senior
8. I would change a lot, but the one thing I would change is my first day in high school, I would change who I would hang out with, a better group of friends
9. Just buckle down and get your work done, don’t put it off like I did
10. Thank you to everyone who helped me get to this point

G – H

Sally Garcia (18)
“I don’t got time for food. Food got time for me.”
1. My favorite memory is when I skipped fourth period to go thrift shopping.
2. I told Oftedal how to make lean.
3. College
4. I envision myself as an archaeologist on an expedition.
5. Myself because I love me.
6. Mrs. Johnson, she isn’t afraid to talk about controversial issues and express her opinions while addressing the other side. I hope to be as passionate and open as her. Ms. Greer, she’s really bubbly and supportive and she’s open-minded as well. Ms. Sarraille, she’s really cool, compassionate, and has interesting stories from her journalist days. Mr. Oftedal, he’s an odd person like me.
7. I became less ugly, learned how to do my makeup, and dress better.
8. I wouldn’t hit redo at all because I don’t want to relive this hell hole.
9. Set your foundation, chill on the eyeliner, and stop binge-gaming all night.
10. This school really needs to fix their messy bathrooms and step up their lunch game.

Michelle Harris (17)
“These are the days we’ve been waiting for. On days like these who could ask for more?” – Avicii
1. When we had a guest speaker who told us about his life and how he learned to live with one arm.
2. The Operation Needle Drop
3. I’m going to college at ASU to study kinesiology.
4. A stable job and a family
5. My family
6. Ms. Helfrich was the most impactful because she taught me a lot about the job I want to pursue after high school.
7. I have become more goal oriented and social.
8. I would redo the moments when I wouldn’t ask for help. If I had asked for help my grade for a class could have been higher.
9. Be social and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Josiah Hemphill (17)
“Life knocks you down but you have to get back up and ask for more” – Herb Guidry
1. My years of wrestling
3. Join the automotive industry
4. A nice life doing what I love
5. I would have to say Rocky Balboa
6. I wouldn’t say teacher, but my coach did. He helped me through a tough time and help me reach my goal
7. I’m a lot different in ways of mental health and appearance
8. I would redo my freshman year and get into sports
9. To do your best and to never give up no matter how hard


Cassidy Herberth (17)
“Courage, dear heart.” – C.S Lewis
3. I am going to attend Lake Forest College in Illinois and major in Psychology, with a double-minor in Gender Studies and Spanish.
4. I envision me having my double PhD in Psychology and Gender Studies and I am helping victims of sexual assault, focusing mainly in the field of PTSD.
5. The future me that I could become.
6. The teachers that have impacted me most are Senora Moyer and Mr. Cabasino. They both taught me to see that world not for what it is, but what it could be. They taught me that there is more than what meets the eye.
7. I think that I have learned my own value since freshman year and have learned to love myself. I also believe that I have become more determine to achieve something in this life.
8. I don’t think I would change anything about my high school experience, because, as cliche as it is, they made me who I am today.
9. I think I would tell my freshman self that it is okay to take a little risk and to live a life that is worth telling people about.
10. Thank you to all the people who told me I could and thank you to all those people who told me I couldn’t. I wouldn’t be where I am and I wouldn’t get where I am going without you.

Jennifer Hernandez (18)
1. Meeting new nice people
3. Being a medical assistance and working with special kids
4. Being someone
5. My parents
6. Perotti, Banducci, Mrs. Johnson amazing teachers and have help a lot
7. The way I think.
8. Become a cheerleader
9. Take all the classes u need to take so senior year can be easier

Long Huynh (18)
2. Study with good person
4. College

J – L

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J – L

Sonja Jackson (18)
¨Terror made me cruel¨ – Emily Brontë
1. My favorite was probably when I was taking the AP Gov class.
2. None really
3. Either go into the army or go to college to be a translator
4. Being a translator and maybe having a family. Also traveling the world would be cool
5. My mother
6. Miss Greer and Miss Borst had made the biggest impact on me as they pushed me to be better everyday
7. I’ve changed fashion styles but that’s about it
8. None because all of my moment made me who I am today
9. Just stay to it, and go with the flow

Jasmine Jaing (18)
1. Nick Chan’s show at Calculus Camp
2. Prom
3. Santa Clara University studying biology and business
4. A medical degree
5. My mom
6. Cabasino
9. Stress less, sleep more

Emily Jones (18)
“I eat lunch.” – Will Stronghold, Sky High.
1. The band trip to Hollywood.
2. “Thinking Emoji…”
3. I’m going to UC Irvine.
4. An occupation good enough for me to be able to afford a soft blanket, a sturdy pair of shoes, good tea, and all the sourdough bread I want. My apartment will be small and warm and I will grow flowers in the window. I will wake up early on purpose. I will know peace.
5. My brother, Chandler
6. Cabby, Sue, and Barry Parr are always there to answer questions and help out any way they can!
7. I stopped watching Hetalia and started brushing my hair.
8. No, because that would mean doing part of high school again. I’m outta here.
9. Don’t focus on boys. You don’t even like them.

Hamzah Kaviyani (18)
1. My Civics class.
2. My Civics Class.
3. Go to college, get a job, and live a good life.
4. A life where anyone is happy and not drowning in despair.
5. So far no one.
6. Mr. Lonaker and Mr. Irizarry; they helped me learn things that helped me during my senior year of high school.
7. I grew even
8. I would redo my entire high school life because I could have had an even better time than I had before.
9. Attend school and do your work.
10. Look behind you.

Jennifer Kovisto (17)
3. I Will be attending Azusa Pacific University on a soccer scholarship and studying Kinesiology

Adam Lebish (18)
“Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains, think about that.”
1. When I lost a bet to Anthony Barbalinardo and had to Venmo the money to him.
3. Attending the College of San Mateo and continuing my football career.
4. Business Management.
5. My Mother.
6. Barry Parr.
7. More mature.
8. I would redo all of the nights when I didn’t do any homework and go back and do all of my homework assignments.
9. Do all of your work in your classes because scholarship offers are coming to you.

Emilio Lopez (17)
“My name Jeff.” – unknown.
1. Gage Postolaki stomping on a milk box in front of everyone at lunch.
2. The time that Gage Postolaki stomped on a milk box in front of everyone at lunch.
3. Las Positas then UCLA then law school.
4. Lots of school.
5. Steve Jobs. I read his biography in 6th grade and he was a true visionary with passion.
6. Ms. Raymond. She was very caring and funny.
7. I grew a bit taller and I learned how to not be so annoying.
8. I would hit redo on taking AP Macroeconomics.
9. Don’t try so hard.


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Katherine Mathers (18)
“No day but today.” – Jonathan Larson.
1. My favorite memory from LHS is when I was in the musical during junior year. That year, we did In The Heights and it was such an eye-opening experience that opened the door to what I want to do with my life professionally.
2. I don’t really think I have a funniest memory at LHS. One funny thing that I can recall is when one day in Spanish class, Sra. Moyer’s shoe just started falling apart and she was just as surprised as we were.
3. My plan is to attend Las Positas College to complete my general education with a major in Theatre Arts and to eventually transfer to a four year college to complete my education.
4. I really am not sure. With a future in theatre and musical theatre specifically, I envision a lot of rejection and uncertainty, but also a lot of great experiences and new people. I am quite afraid of the future, but I’m excited to see what the future holds.
5. I cannot really pinpoint one specific person as my sole role model, however the people I look up to the most are the people who identify a goal and work towards achieving that goal tirelessly. I have a great amount of respect for those who make a plan and follow through with that plan completely all the way to success.
6. The three teachers who have had the biggest impact on me are Ms. Raymond, Mr. Filice, and Mr. Cabasino. Ms. Raymond was such a positive influence on me during my junior year and taught me much more that Honors English 11. She really taught me how to live life (as cheesy as it sounds) and I credit her for a big period of growth in my life. Mr. Filice was my choir teacher for three years and if it weren’t for him, I would have never decided to major in theatre or to continue with the arts in any way possible. I am so thankful for him because I gained a lot of confidence through choir and my personality has really been shaped due to his classes. Mr. Cabasino’s AP English class was one of the most rigorous courses I think I will ever take in my life, however his class showed me that I can get through anything and still come out okay. I am so thankful for Cabby’s class because I know that when I think back to high school, I will remember all the great times I had doing vocabulary objects, learning about classic literature, watching lightsaber duels, reading poetry, etc.
7. Honestly, it’s hard for me to think of a way in which I haven’t changed. Over the years, I have definitely become more relaxed and become less uptight. I have learned to go with the flow of things, which I think is a super useful skill. Also, I have become more hardworking and the amount of time and effort that I put into projects or just about anything has greatly increased.
8. I don’t think that I would go back to change anything because everything happens for a reason and I wouldn’t be who I am today without the choices that were made yesterday.
9. I would tell myself to relax a bit more and enjoy the ride.
10. These four years will probably not be “the best four years of my life”, however I know that in the future, I can think back to these years and recognize them as an essential period of growth that was truly necessary.

Madison Mcallister (18)
1. Big Jon on the bouncy obstacle course during Greek week.
4. Hopefully money.
5. My mom.
6. Ms. Raymond because she always connect her class lesson to a real experience she had, and I was actually excited to go to school.
7. I realize what will actually matter after high school.
8. Take my SAT sooner, so I have more chances.
9. Care about grades more than your social status.

Sydney Mendoza (18)
“Hell yeah cowboys.”
1. Spending time with the video class and playing sports for the high school.
3. Attend long beach state and major in liberal studies and minor in film.
4. Either becoming an elementary school teacher or working at Disney or Marvel Studios.
5. My parents
6. Castro & Mr. Christopher, they’ve given me so many life lessons and advice & they’ve always been there for me I could never thank them enough.
8. Yes, my sophomore year of soccer because it was my first year on varsity and I’ve never had more fun playing with a great group of girls.
9. Know where all your classes are before your first day of school.

Garon Michaelis (19)
“Don’t miss the moment” – Brian Shul.
3. Las Positas then Cal Poly.
4. Lots of Medical School.
5. My parents, they just want the best for me.
6. Alexa Malloy, She pushed each of us to our limits but gifted us with laughter.
7. Yes, I am more social than ever before.
8. When times get tough, get help and keep chugging along.
9. Be everyone’s friend and never look back.
10. Thank you, Mike Waltz, for saving my life when I needed help the most.

Sophia Michaels (17)
“Now don’t make me give you a one-star Yelp review” – My boyfriend.
1. Making a commercial for my economics class.
2. Bringing my dog to school.
3. Diablo Valley College.
4. A psychology degree and a healthy family.
5. My mother.
6. Banducci.
7. My hair.
8. Ditching class because I should’ve dealt with depression in a healthy way.
9. Come to school every day and don’t let dramatic people distract you.

Whitney Montgomery (18)
“Could I be any more ready to graduate?” – Whitney Montgomery and Chandler Bing
1. Football games with a lot of spirit!
3. Attending SBCC to transfer to UCSB
4. Being a psychiatrist [and] helping people.
5. My aunt Kathy.
6. Cabasino because of his love for his job and care for others success.
7. I’ve matured.
8. Sophomore year swim team because I had my best times.
9. Keep focusing on school, it’s super easy to lose motivation but you gotta keep going.

Matthew Myers (17)
“Don’t Stop Me Now” – Freddie Mercury
3. college
4. success
7. I’ve gotten more confident
9. Relax

P – R

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P – R

Alan Pham (17)
“The pizza is whole together” – Albert Mawry
1. Leaving.
2. The school.
3. USMC Reservist/UC Davis Nutrition major
4. Good stuff hopefully.
6. Lmao everyone in Livermore is depressing and pretentious, but probably Mr. Parr, Castro, Parr, Greer.
7. Lmao have you seen my freshman ID pic
8. Prolly going here instead of staying in sunny San Diego
9. Literally don’t study for a thang, it’s a waste of time; high school is a joke

Abel Ramirez (18)
“There is nothing wrong with you. There is a lot wrong with the world you live in.”- Chris Colfer
1. It will be graduation.
2. Cannot think of any.
3. Go to college
4. Have a career, a job, and a house.
5. Finish school.
6. Mrs. Garza.
7. I am more mature, and less impulsive on making important decisions.
8. Yes, go back to sophomore year to get better grades.
9. Do not leave everything last minute, do not be scared to ask questions

Natalie Ramos (17)
“We did not come to fear the future. We came to shape it”- Barack Obama
1. Homecoming 2017!
2. When Abdul Karim made an agreement to wear his cap and gown everyday until the end of graduation day.
3. I am attending Las Positas and transferring to a four-year university later on to pursue a degree in medical.
4. I envision a good occupation with a healthy lifestyle and hopefully starting a family after situating myself in the workforce.
5. My parents
6. Mr. Castro because he’s 100% real with you and is always there when I need a helping hand. He’s a very reasonable person and has definitely taught me many things things in the time I have spent as his student.
8. If I could redo my Freshman and Sophomore years, I definitely would. I could have aspired to be a better friend, student, and person at an earlier time in my life and could have met many friends then that I met just this year.
9. Please do well in life because it truly benefits you in the end especially starting out to be your better self in high school will give you a little advantage
10. I can’t wait to leave.

Leaith Rawashdeh (18)
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt
1. AP art class
2. Hanging out with friends
3. Going to Sacramento State
4. Success
5. My dad
6. Mr. Parr; he was a thought-provoking English teacher. Sra. Gonsalves; she is a very hard working teacher and very good at teaching. Ms. Borst; she’s a very funny and supportive art teacher. Mr. Ofstedol; he is a great physics teacher.
7. Have become more mature and confident
8. Nothing, everything happens for a reason. I wouldn’t change anything.
9. Don’t worry about what other people think, be yourself.

Candace Rho (18)
1. Being the marching band low woodwind section leader for junior and senior year, and becoming the new Vice President for link crew my senior year.
3. I will go to Las Positas Community College to continue my general education.
4. Owning a one-story house, a ford raptor, adopting older dogs from the local shelter, and maybe a career in studying earthquakes/volcanoes/or the environment.
5. Mama Rho
9. Don’t worry about things that haven’t happened yet. Time keeps moving forward. It’s a new day every day and a new week every week. Oh and Mr.McNair is hiding a Contra Alto Clarinet upstairs, go get it.

Charles Ridings (18)
“If you’re gonna be dumb you gotta be tough.”
9. Don’t overachieve
Benjamin Roller (18)
3. To go to college at UNR.
4. To become a mechanical engineer.
6. Waltz.
7. I grew up physically and mentally.
9. Relax.

Luci Romero (18)
“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin
1. Playing sports.
2. Throwing my friend his bag when he wasn’t paying attention and it scared him.
3. Going to college at Las Positas.
4. Hopefully a lot of success.
5. My mom.
6. Mr. Moser and Mrs. Johnson.
7. I’ve learned not to care as much of what people say.
8. Probably when I was walking too fast in the student union and I slipped on water and fell in front of a whole bunch of seniors and juniors and they all were laughing at me. I was a freshman.
9. Don’t worry about friends or trying to be cool.

Lexi Romero (17)
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” – Philippians 4:13
1. Winning the 2017 NCS soccer championships.
3. Attending the United States Air Force Academy.
4. Serving our country and becoming a pilot.
5. My parents.
6. Mr. Gerardi and Ms. Raymond because they took the time to help or explain things better when I needed it. They also made learning fun and easy in the way they teach.
7. I think I have become more mature and responsible.
9. Enjoy every minute of high school because it flies by.
10. Thank you to my family and friends for the support during my high school years. Go Falcons!

Romcarl Colocar (18)
1. Every 15 minutes Driving crash
2. Having Perotti as my U.S. history class
3. Get a major on computer technology
4. Creating an app that would trend
5. Mrs. Matthews
6. Banducci
7. became more mature
8. Yes, I’d join basketball tryouts
9. Enjoy every single day of high school

Michael Curtis Rymer (18)
“Eventually all things fall into place. Until then laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.” – Albert Schweitzer
2. Freshman year my group of friends made a joke in F.I.T and I couldn’t stop laughing.
3. Go to community college.
4. I see myself taking guitar lessons.
6. Mr. Woodworth because I have had many classes with him.
7. I got a job and cut my long hair.
8. I would redo my Ceramic 2 class because I could have made better things.
9. Don’t confuse fake friends with real ones.

S – T

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S – T

Chris Sanchez (17)
“And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she-bears out of the wood, and tore forty and two children of them.” – 2 Kings, 2:24
1. My favorite memory at LHS was suffering through two-and-a-half hours of senior awards because some admin decided that we were going to have it outside.
2. During Mr Cowboy practice, Abdul farted and the whole group couldn´t stop laughing for at least 30 minutes.
3. I plan on going to Las Positas College for a year and then transferring to Brigham Young University in Provo Utah to study computer science.
4. Once I graduate university I hope to be able to get a job at a tech company and find a nice woman to share my life with.
5. Up until this point, I´ve always looked up to both of my brothers because they both have a great work ethic, which is very admirable.
6. Sue Johnston has had the biggest impact on me. Mrs. Johnston is always doing her best to help her students with anything they come up to her with. She goes out of her way to connect with all of her students as well.
7. Surprisingly, I don´t have cancer anymore!
8. I would take back all of times I fell asleep in Spanish class because it’s quite embarrassing to be Mexican and get a “C” in Spanish.
9. I would make sure to tell my freshman self to take advantage of all of the freedoms you have in high school and to take nothing for granted. Also to enjoy your time here while it lasts.
10. Peace out, LHS.

Jaylen Santos (17)
“If you want something in life you have to work for it. Now quiet; they’re announcing the lottery numbers!” – Homer Simpson
1. Participating in the LHS theater program. Theater is where I met my closest friends and made the best memories.
2. Getting to be in Mr. Cowboy! It was so fun to shake my booty in front of the whole school. 3. I will be attending Southern Oregon University and it’s Honors College to major in Psychology.
4. Being a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist practicing medicine in an adolescent crisis center.
5. My parents.
6. Christopher Filice, because he taught me to be my true self and to not hide it from the world.
7. I switched genders.
8. I would choose to have the courage to audition for the plays my freshmen year and get into theater earlier.
9. Don’t be afraid to mess up! Failure is the best teacher. Make mistakes now in high school and learn more about yourself!
10. Thank you, Cowboy Nation, for being accepting of me in my time here at LHS. It means the world to me!

Hanna Schormann (17)
“Love is about risks, (pickles and all).” -Tracey McFarlane
1. When I brought my dog to school.
3. Livin la Vida Loca, my dudes.
4. Dogs and happiness.
5. Myself.
6. Ms. Raymond because she’s the first adult I’ve met that doesn’t pretend that anxiety goes away at a certain age.
7. I’m a lot more confident, and that’s something that can’t be taken away from me.
8. I’m really satisfied with how things turned out, so I wouldn’t change anything.
9. You don’t need to be afraid to come out, your parents and family won’t be upset.
10. Dear everyone, stop taking things so seriously.

Austin Shadbolt (17)
3. Attend George Fox University.
4. A CFO for a corporation.
7. I got taller.
9. Play freshman football.

Lexi Silva (18)
1. Freshman Year Homecoming Court.
2. The toy at lunch.
3. Las Positas.
4. Psychologist.
5. Mr. Fletcher.
6. Ms. Travis and Mrs. Matthews.
7. Growth within myself and bettering myself.
8. Don’t fall in love with an a**hole.
9. Don’t dwell on the past and look forward.

Talen Stephens (18)
“I find your lack of faith disturbing.” – Darth Vader
1. Being apart of the Djibouti Jaguars in Video 3 was one of my favorite parts of high school.
2. Again, forming Djibouti Jaguars and eventually turning it into Pudgy Films was also the funniest part of high school.
3. My plans are to move to Nashville, Tennessee and go to college there.
4. My goal is to become a firefighter.
5. My biggest inspiration so far has been my sister because of all she has accomplished and all she has taught me.
6. Mr. Castro and Mr. Christopher have had the biggest impact on me for sure. They have not only taught me how to be a better leader but they have been pretty good friends for the second half of high school.
7. There is way too much to write down but to sum it up, coming from a private K-8 school I was very sheltered and didn’t know about the great big world out there. Now I have a pretty good understanding on what the world and people in general have to offer.
8. I would have joined Leadership, Video, Operation Needle Drop, and float my freshmen and sophomore years. I would also have applied for more scholarships.
9. Get all your academic classes done now, so you can chill senior year. Also take video. It will be the best class you take.
10. Thank you Video 3 for making my senior year memorable.

Paige Sutter (17)
“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe
1. For world history, my class had this really hot sub the entire trimester, and for some reason, one day, he gave my friend a rabbit skin bag before class. It was really weird.
2. During freshman year, I poured red Gatorade all over this guy because he said I wouldn’t. It was in the computer lab and it got everywhere.
3. I’m going to Chico State to pursue a degree in business and marketing.
4. Living in a mansion with seven dogs.
5. Trisha Paytas.
6. Mrs. Raymond, because she taught me more than any other teacher I’ve ever had.
7. I’m taller.
10. YOLO.

Kyla Tregear (18)
“Nam vita non est longa.” – Catullus
1. My favorite memory is when I took part in a secret surprise concert for Mr. McNair when he retired. It was completely organized by students and led by a recent graduate Shelby Evans.
3. I’m attending Sonoma State University in the Fall.
4. Hopefully, my future is filled with lots of traveling and many good friends.
6. Mrs. Matthews has had the biggest impact on me. For all the many classes I had with her, her passion for her job was always very inspiring. Alongside all I learned in her classes I also learned organization and how to study so that I understand the information, and much more.
7. I am more confident now, and I also know what qualities to look for in friends.
8. No, I wouldn’t change anything. Even the bad things have contributed to where I am today.
9. It will all work itself out, so don’t worry so much.

V – Z

Angel Valdez (18)
“Sometimes you have to get in the way. You have to make some noise by speaking up and speaking out against injustice & inaction.” John Lewis
1. STUNT the sport.
3. College.
4. Success.
5. My mom.
6. Dave Lang.
7. I talk to fewer people.
8. Livermore Granada cheer practice 2017: I sprained my ankle running on the track.

Jennifer Valencia (18)
“Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.” – Cormac McCarthy
1. Joining lacrosse my sophomore year because it was the best decision I could have ever made. I now have three of the best friends in the world because of it.
3. I plan to attend San Francisco State University, where I will major in Psychology. I plan to become a forensic psychologist.
4. I envision myself helping others in the future. I have always felt that it’s important to be someone to somebody. I see myself traveling the world and helping others in third world countries in any way that I can.
5. My mother because she is the strongest person I know.
6. I believe that Madame Sinibaldi and Mrs. Borst have had the biggest impacts on me. I feel that I can always talk to them when I have a question whether it’s regarding school or a real-life situation.
7. I think I’m more understanding and more compassionate towards others.
8. I transferred to Granada before starting my freshman year. I wish I could’ve just stuck with LHS from the very beginning. I feel like I never belonged at Granada.

Mariana VandenHeuvel (18)
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
‭‭Joshua‬ ‭1:9‬ ‭
3. Azusa Pacific University.
9. Get involved in EVERYTHING.

Viviana Vega (17)
“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”
1. My favorite memory at LHS was definitely joining the lacrosse team and creating a family I’ll never forget.
3. I will be attending Cosumnes River College in Sacramento then I’ll transfer to UCSF to proceed to my career as a certified nurse-midwife.
4. I envision joy, happiness, and love in my future.
5. My biggest inspiration is my Aunt, Melissa Hernandez, for always pushing me and setting my limits high so when I reach them I push myself to do better.
6. Mrs. Walker had the biggest impact on me because she genuinely took the time to teach me in a subject that I struggled in and because of her I’m in higher math in which I’d never thought I’d reach.
7. Freshman year I was timid and shy and although I’m still like that, I’ve grown from freshman year to a woman with goals and a bright future in front of me.
8. I would not hit repeat for anything that has happened. Every mistake, every joy, every sad moment made me a stronger person.
9. If I could give my freshman-self advice, I’d tell her that through all the hard times to push harder through it and not let anyone put you down so low because later on, all it’s going to be is about YOU and YOUR future. No one else’s.
10. Never put yourself in front of others, it can break you. Do you and you’ll be stronger than ever.

Daniela Walker (18)
“Adventure is out there!” – Up
1. Dancing all night at Homecomings, Prom, and Ball.
2. Beating the boys in P.E. and leaving them shocked.
3. To attend Las Positas and transfer to Sacramento State.
4. Success and happiness in all that I do.
5. My mom because she is the strongest woman I know.
6. Mrs. Helfrich because she helped me to recognize my passion for Sports Medicine.
7. I learned how to adapt in life when things don’t always go my way.
8. I would redo the moment I bought my homecoming dress freshman year. It was a high-low dress and I would redo it by buying a short dress since everyone kept stepping on it while I was trying to dance.
9. Everything happens for a reason.

Chelsea Warner (18)
“It’s just high school choir, baby boo.” – Christopher Allen Filice
1. The Pirates of Penzance.
2. This kid in Theater said his great-grandfather walked from Germany to India when ‘the earth was still Pangea’.
3. I will be attending Westminster Choir College.
4. Lots of dogs. Probably music.
5. Jaylen Santos.
6. Barry Parr for teaching me how to be a rhetorician and Christopher Filice for helping me find my purpose.
7. I’m more cynical.
8. I would be more involved.
9. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Everything happens for a reason. High school sucks, but it didn’t suck as badly as it could have.

Amy Williams (18)
“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” – Walt Disney
1. My first choir concert.
2. When Colby walked into choir and took his beanie off to reveal his bald head.
3. Idk man somebody please help me learn to be an adult.
4. Lots of friends, a happy family, and a fulfilling job.
5. My sister, for showing me that you can do anything no matter what you’re going through. Mr. Filice. I’ve never felt like I could be myself more when I am in his class.
6. I’ve become more confident and open about who I am.
7. Yes, I would redo my junior year, because I wish I had tried more and gotten better grades.
8. Don’t be lazy and believe in yourself.

Maverik Wilson (18)
“It’s not hard to be stupid” – Jerome Hall
3. Going to Las Positas.
6. Mr. Enright, he pushed me to become a much better musician than I ever thought I could be.
9. You are still very young, and 95% of the people around you will never see you again.
10. Don’t worry about who comes and goes, just worry about who stays.

Devan Yarnell (17)
“You look good, you feel good, you do good.” – Devan Yarnell
1. Hanging out with my brother and his friends when I was a freshman and they were seniors.
3. I am attending Las Positas Community College, I want to be a CFO of a Corporation.
5. My brother because he’s always set the bar high.
6. Mrs. Reisdorf because she always laughed at my jokes and let me get away with everything.
7. I’ve gotten taller, Smarter, and have created better friendships.
8. I would not like to redo any part of high school.
9. The only opinion that matters is your own and everyone else’s is subjective commentary.

Rigo Zapien (17)
1. Beating Granada in football my junior year.
2. skipping practice to go to the mall then getting caught.
3. Going to a community college and playing football.
4. Being a cop for the Livermore Police Department.
5. My mom.
6. Mr. Wade because he taught me so much more to know in life than football.
7. I got a better haircut every year.
8. Yes, I would go back to the night we beat Granada because it was one of the funniest moments of my life.
9. Be the best person you could possibly be.

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