Student Spotlight: Emily Trask


Emily Trask (grade 12) was nominated for Student Spotlight by Office Bookkeeper, Veronica Torres. Torres said Emily is “a good leader,” and “reaches out to others and looks for how she can help even when they don’t ask.”

She also said that “Emily brings energy and excitement when she’s around and takes on challenges and sees them through.”

“Overall she’s a pretty incredible young lady,” said Torres.

Here is my conversation with Trask:

Maya: Tell me about your experience as ASB president and R.O.P. nursing.

Pictured: Emily Trask; Credit: Maya Brunell

Emily: ASB president has a lot of responsibility when it comes to keeping control of the Leadership class and trying to create a dynamic for the whole student body and trying to get everyone involved as much as you can. That includes the staff members, which can be tough. It’s really helpful to have such a great class with me because they do so much for our school. I couldn’t be as successful without them.

I’m on one of the floors at Stanford Health Care Valley Care and next time we switch for our second unit of the class, I’m going to be in the Emergency Room, which is going to be super exciting for me. It’ll let me get a feel of whether I want to be a nurse or not, and so far the floor I’m on, 2S, every experience that I’ve had has made me so excited for the career I want to take. My plan is to be a pediatric nurse, but that might change.  

M: What are some things you do outside of school? Are there any classes you especially enjoy?

E: I play basketball and softball, both of which take up most of my time. I would say AP Psychology. I was in AP Psych last year and Mrs. Matthews was one of the best teachers that I’ve ever had. It really sparked my interest and I’m thinking about minoring in Psychology, which would be a lot on my plate but I think that it’ll be worth it.

M: What are your plans for the future? Are there any careers you would like to pursue, within nursing or outside of it?

E: At first I thought I wanted to be a psychologist, but I figured that I should stick with nursing because I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. Just what kind of nurse is where I’m at right now.

M: Is there anyone you would like to thank?

E: Definitely all my teammates for both sports and coaches and my parents, of course. Also, Mr. Christopher, Mrs. Garza, Mrs. Matthews, Mrs. Raymond, and Mr. Castro.

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Header Credit: Maya Brunell