Student Spotlight: April Kennedy


April Kennedy (grade 12) was nominated for Student Spotlight by Dawn Matthews, the AP Psychology teacher. Matthews said that Kennedy “would be a great young woman to feature.”

She commented that Kennedy is “very driven academically…and is president of the Third Wave Club.” Kennedy has also been involved with the #MeToo campaign, the National Organization of Women, and the Women’s March.

Here is my conversation with Kennedy:  

Maya: Tell me about your experience with the Third Wave Club.

Pictured: April Kennedy; Credit: Maya Brunell

April: Third Wave club is really amazing. I started it because of a sexist comment that a teacher told me in class. I was really sparked by that because I didn’t understand why someone who I look up to so much would think that’s okay to say to his students. I also wanted to educate people about feminism because a lot of people don’t understand that it’s equality not superiority of one over the other.

M: Do you have any classes or extracurriculars you enjoy?

A: I really enjoy AP Psychology because that kind of what I want to do in my life is neuroscience. I work and hang out with friends. Get Set is fun. We do a lot of field trips.

M: Are there any career paths you want to pursue?

A: It’s hard to say. I’m pretty sure I want to go down the neuroscience path. There’s therapy, clinical psychology is something I’m considering. Also, just general research is very cool.

M: Is there anyone you would like to thank?

A: Obviously, my parents because they are endlessly supportive no matter what I do and always encouraging. And Mrs. Matthews has been a huge part of me aspiring and going after Third Wave club and actually doing something with it. She’s a very strong feminist and I look up to her.   

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Header Credit: Maya Brunell