Student Spotlight: Jeremiah Murray


Jeremiah Murray (grade 11) was nominated for Student Spotlight by Kathy Beigarten, the Workroom Office Specialist, who said that Murray “is a quick learner and has actually [done] some trouble shooting here for our [copy] machines.” She said he “has a lot of great qualities” and “is eager to help and lend a hand.”

“He is friendly and has a kind way about him,” said Beigarten.

Here is my conversation with Murray:

Maya: What inspired you to help in the copy room?

Pictured: Jeremiah Murray; Credit: Maya Brunell

Jeremiah: Second period is when I usually TA for Mrs. Walker and during that time when I go to copy stuff I go up there and help her. During eighth grade when I was at Christensen, I worked in the office during the last period of the day, so I’m already familiar with the copy machines and out of my gratitude towards people, I help others who don’t know how to use them. It’s easy for me to help them understand how to use the machines, and since she’s the only one in there, she can’t really do everything on her own, so I’m more than willing to help her out when she needs it.

M: Tell me about some classes or extracurriculars you enjoy.

J: One class I especially enjoy is Video Production with Mr. Castro. It helps students get their creativity out and showing it to the world. It’s a great learning experience. Outside of that, I did play volleyball last year. I was on JV. Hopefully I’ll get into that this year, but no guarantees.  

M: Are there any career paths you’re interested in?

J: One career path that I’ve wanted to pursue for a very long time is being in law enforcement. Last year, I took steps towards that by taking R.O.P. Criminal Justice. It’s a great learning experience to start your way off in the CSI side if it.

M: Is there anyone you would like to thank?

J: Mainly just my dad for helping me emotionally and mentally getting my act together and for getting routines going. Other than that, it’s up to me to make the decisions that I can to get where I want to go.

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Header Credit: Maya Brunell