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Unique Production of A Civil War Christmas

Theresa Lalor | Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Unique Production of A Civil War Christmas

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This year’s Fall show, A Civil War Christmas, opened on Friday, December 1. It later showed December 2, 7, 8, and 9. If one asked me to explain what this play written by Paula Vogel is about, it would not be easy to explain- considering the complexity of the show. It includes a coalition of personal stories and hardships interwoven to illustrate a larger theme of the divided American lives in the winter of 1864, set in Washington D.C.

One aspect I, among other audience members, considered unique, was the distribution of actors per main character in the show. There were three actors playing Abraham Lincoln, two playing a wandering girl in search for her child, and several other roles. There were many hints and cues as to who was transitioned to what character during the show. But they were subtle enough that the audience would need to watch it multiple times in order to pick up on all of them.

“It was hard to follow at times, but I have a lot of respect for the unique set up,” stated audience member, Ryan Nostrand (grade 12).

The music in this show was beautifully elegant. “Everything flowed so well and was incorporated into the stories in a way that seemed effortless,” commented a Livermore High School, Kevin Lalor, who came to view the show twice.

Despite the beauty of this show, there was a large amount of work contributed to make it successful. Al Angeles (grade 11), who played Abraham Lincoln, Moses Levy, Black Recruiting Officer, and Mr. Fessenden, describes his experience: “The show was difficult because of all the intertwining parts that flowed together, but it was successful because of everyone’s hard work and dedication.”

Livermore High Theatre Department Director Carol Hovey’s productions never fail to disappoint, as each one seems to be wonderfully unique.

NOTE: The author has a personal relationship with Kevin Lalor.

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