Mixtape: Emotions

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Sara Jackson | Staff writer

Allison McDaniel | Editor-in-chief






Emotions are the epitome of what it means to be alive. We wear what we feel on our faces. Whether it be with a red face of anger, tear-stained eyes, or dimpled smiles. We always breathe what we feel, but now it is time to listen. Each song below will elicit the emotion listed:

Number Artist Song Name Emotion
1 Owl City This isn’t the End Withdrawn
2 Eminem Stan (feat. Dido) Empty
3 Paradise Fears Sanctuary Liberated
4 Jake Miller Steven Depressed
5 Howard Shore Coeur Volant (feat. Zaz) Calm
6 Gene Pritsker, Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil,and Tom Tykwer The Cloud Atlas Sextet Inspired
7 KEI Pierrot (feat. Miku Hatsune) Vulnerable
8 Bridgit Mendler Rocks at My Window Longing
9 New Politics Goodbye Copenhagen Courageous
10 All Time Low Somewhere in Neverland Confident
11 Walk the Moon Shut Up and Dance With Me Estatic
12 Green Day American Idiot Rebellious
13 Imagine Dragons Hear Me Inferior