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Mixtape: Rebirth

Credit: Allison McDaniel

Credit: Allison McDaniel

Credit: Allison McDaniel

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Allison McDaniel | Editor-in-chief


For some of us it is very hard to be ourselves. We worry about rejection and fantasize about acceptance. What if who we are isn’t good enough? It is time we decide who we want to be and stop worrying about what others think. Let’s stop struggling with identity and enjoy all life has to offer.
Join us on the road to self-discovery with this mix of relaxing and thought-provoking songs:

Credit: Allison McDaniel

Credit: Allison McDaniel


  1. Of Monster and Men “Organs”
  2. Stephen “Fly Down”
  3. Vanessa Carlton “Twilight”
  4. Troye Sivan “Gasoline”
  5. MS MR “Hurricane”
  6. Bastille “The weight of living, part 1”
  7. Ellie Goulding “Salt Skin”
  8. Daughter “Medicine

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