A new musical is being performed at Livermore High School, titled Insert Future Here. It is the first musical written and directed by students in Livermore High School and Granada High School. 

Channel 7 news actually recorded part of Insert Future Here, on February 24th.

The musical focuses on students growing up through high school. Each age category for the students is given a number. The ‘ones’ are freshmen and sophomores, the ‘twos’ are juniors and seniors, and the ‘threes’ are adults. The students, starting as freshmen, grow throughout the story and eventually become ‘threes’ by the final act.

There are six main characters- Felix, Eugene, Naya, Daisy, Olivia, and Katherine. Each character has different hopes and dreams for their future careers. The students write letters their future, senior-selves based on these dreams, and reflect back on them in the future as they grow older.

“The main message of the show is to talk to someone,” says Nalini D’Souza. She plays Olivia as a one. “Talk to your friends if you are struggling with a mental health issue, especially during COVID times. We were so isolated, it was easy to feel depressed and anxious.” 

Sometimes, she says, looks aren’t what they appear. Someone can act happy on the outside, but can have issues inside themselves. “I think the show does a good job of showing when someone bottles up something for too long,” says D’Souza.


Insert Future Here was actually written by high school students. Naomi Zika, Calvin Shawler, Caylie Natsch, Dorothee Catipon, and Caydence Johnson all helped contribute. They started a google doc together over the pandemic, and met, virtually, to discuss ideas. The whole script was written by these students, taking over a year. The music was also originally made-every aspect, from the lyrics to the instruments.

“It wouldn’t be possible without tech,” says D’Souza. The tech group has set up props, equipment, and sound for each different set and scene. They move the set pieces around and turn parts on and off. D’Souza compares tech to “silent workers in the dark, who make the show happen.”

The students also might do an original cast recording over the summer. A cast recording is a recording of a musical that documents the songs performed in the show, sung by the same cast.

“This is a big deal because we’ve never done an original cast recording before,” D’Souza says. “We’re always doing shows that other people have written-but this is ours. We’re making it our own and we’re part of that journey, seeing it come to fruition.” 

The show has already been performed on February the 18th, 19th, and 23rd, which went “remarkably well.” The next time the show will be played, it will be on this Friday and Saturday, or on February 24 and 25 respectively. You can buy tickets on the LHS website.