Will COVID Guidelines Continue?


Credit of image to Canva, Feb 2020.

This January, there was a huge surge of students and staff infected with COVID. As more students and staff become sick, many at Livermore High School are starting to wonder if they will have to return to distance learning.

So far, the district is not considering returning to distance learning for the rest of this school year. There is no guarantee, but there have not been any plans so far. However, if there are students who are uncomfortable with in-person learning, they actually have the option to join remote learning.


The Vineyard independent study program offers independent, remote learning, and is specifically designed for it. Vice Principal Valerie Nebo actually taught in the program herself, and promises it is very different from LHS remote learning.

“Teachers in Vineyard design the work intentionally so that all students can be successful with it independently,” she says. In Vineyard, students can do all of their work on their own, without need of help from teachers. There are check-ins once or twice a week, which can be in-person or digital.

Any student in LHS can join Vineyard through a school transfer. A guardian would need to contact the student’s vice principal and counselor first, and then they would help from there.


Ms. Nebo says she “would not be surprised” if we continued to wear masks for the rest of the school year. The county still requires students to follow the mask mandate.

To protect against the spread of COVID, the district has offered N95 masks to staff and students, changed the ventilation system, and has encouraged staff to get vaccinated. The school has given students and staff information about where to get COVID tests and where to get the vaccine.

*219 students in total have gotten infected with COVID in Livermore High from August to February, and the district hopes to stop any further spread. Infection rates have been slowly declining this February.

When teachers become sick or absent, administration looks at a volunteer list for substitutes. Teachers on campus can spend their prep period substituting for a class, and are compensated afterwards. If there are no volunteers, the school finds a substitute teacher.


Ms. Nebo knows that everyone is feeling stressed out because of the impact of COVID. Even though she does not like wearing a mask, it is only a minor inconvenience compared to the possible impact of the disease. 

“I don’t know which of my students have a vulnerable family member at home. I don’t know which family could face devastating consequences if COVID was brought home. Parents could get sick or lose their jobs. I don’t know.” 

 It can be uncomfortable and difficult, but it is every student’s responsibility to follow the COVID guidelines. Even if catching COVID would not affect your family, there are many others who would be impacted. 

Always follow the COVID guidelines. Not just for yourself, but for others.


*You can find a COVID-19 infection tracker at livermoreschools.org, under the Students and Families Section. It shows how many students have tested positive this week, as well as the cumulative total of students infected with COVID since August.