Black History Month at Livermore High


It’s February which means it’s Black History Month. This is a time to celebrate Black history and honor the people who have worked hard for the equality and rights of the Black community. 

Livermore High School has been doing a few things to celebrate Black History Month. For example, in morning announcements during the second period, they talk about a specific person of color to look back on. They discuss their accomplishments and remember all the great stuff they’ve done throughout their lives.

The second thing LHS has done is play music by Black Artists at lunch in the science quad. The students in charge of this activity bring out a big speaker and blast some fun music. The students can hear it while they eat so they can listen to the songs and enjoy their lunch. 

Lastly, posters of honorable people of color have been put up all over the Student Union. The posters showcase what they have done throughout their lives. They are and were living proof that the color of your skin doesn’t determine what you can be, and what you can achieve. 

Black History Month is important so we can honor and celebrate people of color, whether it’s currently or in our history.