The Story Behind (INSERT future HERE): The Musical


Livermore High School and Granada High School students have worked together to bring up the first-ever student-directed musical! The show premieres on Friday 18 at 8 pm and will continue to show on Saturday 19, Thursday 24 through Saturday 26 at 8 pm. The tickets are $10 and could be purchased online: here.

The creator of this musical is none other than GHS student Naomi Zika (11). She created this musical to  challenge the unrealistic views of middle school, high school, and life after. She then contacted LHS student Caydence Johnson (11), who then expanded the idea and told Zika how to make it a production, since she had experience with acting in school musicals. Johnson contacted fellow LHS student, with experience in acting in school musicals, Dorothee Catipon (11) who also gave insights. Zika contacted fellow GHS students Caylie Natsch (11) and Calvin Shawler (11). Shawler gave all of the musical insights. 

Turning this idea into a production was “not necessarily hard, but hasn’t been easy either” said Johnson. Catipon added that it’s a “new experience.” They have had a lot of help from teachers that include Carol Hovey, Lauren Haberman, and Christopher Filice, though they said they have been doing this all on their own. Everyone agrees that no one student could have done this by themselves. 

Though this musical is a GHS and LHS production, it will only be shown at the LHS theater. The reason for this is because Granada theater lacks the things needed to perform a musical.

Upon finding out that this is the first ever student-led and directed musical, they were surprised. “I’m surprised that we’ve made it this far. But right now nerves are at an all-time high, but it’s always been like that.”

Directors/ People Involved:

Naomi Zika/ Caydence Johnson/ Dorothee Catipon/ Caylie Natsch/ Calvin Shawler (Directors)

Calvin Shawler (Musical Director/Conductor)

Christopher Filice (Vocal Instructor) 

Carol Hovey/ Lauren Haberman (Production Advisors)


Skyler Azevedo/ Nalini D’Souza (Olivia)

Claire Johnson/ Makenzie Rowe/ April Clark (Katherine)

Abigail Paik/ Camille Thompson/ Morgan Taber-Iguain (Naya)

Lillian Engelsgjerd/ Yuechen Xu/ Lacey Siliva (Daisy)

Ethan Sadowski/ Finch Ghannam/ Daniel Brown (Felix)

Sri Pranav Dandasi/ Nguyen Le/ JD Cerruti (Eugene)