Students 2021 recap


As 2022 starts and 2021 ends, students talk about what they accomplished during the year and if last year was better than 2020.


The first student was (12) Evelyn LeDesma. She said that “This year was a lot better than last year because you actually went back to the classroom and got to talk to friends in-person.” LeDesma also stated that “It was easier to understand the material in-person compared to being online.” She mentioned that she accomplished a lot this year, but she didn’t get it all completed, but will do them in 2022. LeDesma also said that “In 2021 I was able to go out and hang out with family members and go enjoy things I haven’t enjoyed in over a year.” 


After her, we have (11) Dylan Moore. He said that “While I think this year [2021] was better, it was more stressful as I had more work to do.” He said it was nice to see his friends in person and enjoyed doing sports. Moore talked about how he didn’t accomplish much this year, but hopes that this year he accomplished a lot by applying to colleges. Moore did however say that he still misses online classes because you could stay in your Pajamas and be in a heated house. 


The final student was (10) Sarah Parker. She said that “this year was amazing because I got to see the people I haven’t seen since 2020 and that made me very happy.” “I did a lot of things and was happy how I did it.” Parker said that 2022 will even be better if more things open up. “In 2022, I want to do a lot of things, but I will not say them because they are personal things.” Parker also explained that “2020 was a sad year for me because I couldn’t see my friends and classes were so boring.”


Overall 2021 was a good year and hopefully 2022 comes with more new opportunities and fun.