Las Positas College Intro to Programming

Image taken from, Feb 2022.

Las Positas College Intro to Programming is a new dual-enrollment course, arranged by a partnership between Las Positas College and Livermore High School. 

Past connections made between the two schools allowed the partnership to occur.  Brett Christopher, vice principal of LHS, said that “[LHS] has had a long standing working relationship with Las Positas.” 

A dual-enrollment course means that high school students are able to take college courses, being taught by college professors. The teachers at LHS are very excited to provide the students this new opportunity!

This course teaches students how to program with Python, a general-use programming language that is suitable for many projects. Knowing the language can open many programming opportunities for the future. 

The classes are in-person, led by a visiting instructor from Las Positas College. The course is taught on the LHS campus in room 305 from 3:30 to 5:30pm, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

The end goal of the course is to have the students learn more about computer programming and earn dual enrollment credit at the same time. This credit includes High School Graduation Credit and University Transferable Credit. 

The course is also weighted when accounting for credit, and the class will last from January 18 to May 20th. Fourteen students have signed up for the course. The course’s due date was on Jan 14th, 2022.