Operation Needle Drop 2022 Is In Motion


Operation Needle Drop 2022 has officially commenced. The first meeting was held in November of last year to get ideas and start planning. The student team leading the event are Alexandria Lish, Student Director, Evan Nicolay, Avery Bingham, and Madison Foster. Gabriel Castro, video production teacher, is the faculty overseeing the event. The last all school Needle Drop was during the 2019-2020 school year, and the annual event started in 2013.

Normally it takes place in January or February of the new year, because this time of year usually has no events or special activities planned. It’s cold, it’s right after Thanksgiving and winter breaks and many students are still wishing they were on break. Operation Needle Drop gives the student body and admin something to celebrate and look forward to. 

Student director Alexandria Lish, along with Nicolay, and Foster shared their excitement for this year’s event. “I like directing, and it gives me something to focus on… I have been in Leadership since my Junior year, was Junior Class President last year and am ASB Class Vice President now,” shares Lish. “…especially post covid school spirit has been really low, and I guess we just needed to find the nish to bring morale back up and this turned out to be it… the entire room was filled at the first meeting, it was shocking,” told Lish.

“I’m pretty confident in this year’s cast and turn out,” shared Nicolay. “I’ve been involved with Operation Needle Drop twice before and both times it was a fun experience… I hope everyone gets excited and wants to participate because it’s really fun,” Nicolay told The Torch.

Foster has been in Leadership all four years of high school and joined video production last year. “I feel really good about this year’s student team leading it,…we are all friends so it will also be fun… the interest is high and we had a great turnout already,” shared Foster. 

¨The nice thing about what we have learned about Covid is that it doesn’t tend to spread as much in outdoor settings. Which is perfect for Needle Drop because it mainly takes place outdoors so our restrictions and limits are very low,¨ said Castro. 

Even before Covid, Castro was planning on switching Operation Needle Drop to an every other year event. The 2020-2021 Operation Needle Drop was an experiment for a different version of the event. All the Seniors and teachers who attended Senior Ball were part of the different version.  With no extra preparation or rehearsal, Castro and Nicolay filmed the video with two cameras and let the Seniors and teachers have their own touch of personality in the project. 

Each class has its own song that the student representatives of each class choose along with other songs added through a recommendation based system that the student director leads. The cast is chosen through open sign ups and rehearsals start the week of Jan. 10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:05pm to 4:30pm. “The video students tend to run the whole operation and I am there for aid and supervision, the process varies each year based upon what the Student Director invisions,¨ shared Castro.

Video Production classes do a lot of prep work so they can publish the video the same day as filming. Some prep work includes: what (if any) color filters need to be added, credits, and sound. The video editors and Castro will watch through the finished product multiple times before publishing it to make sure there are no additional edits needed. ¨In the past we have had to blur out certain things, so hopefully we won’t have to do that this year¨ added Castro. Two of the main editors for this year’s Operation Needle Drop are Nicolay and Foster. Operation Needle drop is always a one take shot. This year, Foster will be the one behind the camera.

Foster goes on to describe in more depth of how you can be involved with the event. “We film it during a rally period. There is a set route with different sections set aside for grades, clubs, and other groups on campus… it is an open floor so anyone can participate but if you don’t want to you don’t have to, I do definitely recommend you participate though.” 

“I have picked a total of 15 songs for this year’s video, and I have planned out a new route where we will end on the baseball field which has never been done previously (ended in the science quad, main quad, and football field before),” explains Lish. 

¨It really is here to be a celebration of what we are and what we have,¨ said Mr. Castro. 

“My goal is to represent all the different groups here at LHS and for everyone to have a good time… it [Needle Drop] is one of the few things that LHS does just strictly for fun, it’s something to look forward to, and It represents the real high school experience we should all be having. I want the next classes after mine to understand the high school experience they should be getting and for them to continue to carry it on,” shares Lish.

If anyone wishes to participate in this year’s Operation email Alexandria Lish and remember to wear school spirit!  

The video is published on the CBNN youtube channel the day it is filmed.