Livermore High School, the COVID-19 Booster


The last three years have been a relentless struggle for people across the world. The Coronavirus still threatens the education system. Schools around the globe have had to change protocol and even shut down during the epidemic. Here at Livermore High School, the administration has been dealing with keeping schools open and controlling cases of the virus by testing. The school encourages students to receive the three vaccinations and has gotten some mixed results. Fortunately, the CDC has made the COVID 19 vaccine booster available to all people 12 years and older. Students across the district have been getting their third shot to stop the spread of the pandemic. 


The general public opinion at LHS is that the vaccine is a big positive for students of LHS and that they should receive the booster. Vimal Iyer (11) said that he is getting the booster vaccine. “Yes, absolutely…It helps protect all of us from getting COVID and helps reduce the spread of COVID.” By getting the school vaccinated we are preventing our family and friends from getting sick.


Others do not like the idea of receiving the vaccination and have decided to opt-out. In an interview with Michael Mussari (11). he said that he will not get vaccinated “I don’t have my regular vaccine” (by which he means the first two doses).  Michael’s opinion is that the vaccine is not trustworthy and he doesn’t think it is a good idea for his family.


The vaccine is not mandated at this point and the school board does not require students to get the shot despite the recent cases that the school has been handling. At this time according to the CDC young adults make up a small part of the vaccinated population. Rumors have been spreading lately that LHS is shutting down again but there is currently no proof that this is true. Getting vaccinated can help stop the spread of the virus and save our schools by staying healthy.


To get the COVID-19 vaccinations as well as the booster visit a local vaccination clinic or health care provider. You can get more information about the updated COVID-19 protocols here and you can learn about any upcoming vaccination clinics in the office or on the Livermore High School website. Stay safe and go Cowboys!