LHS student Hunter Diemert leaves behind a legacy of hard work, determination, and friendship.

On the night of Aug. 27, 2021, Livermore High School lost Hunter Diemert, a cherished student, in a tragic car accident that involved five other LHS students. Diemert was only 15 years old at the time, a mere three weeks from his sixteenth birthday. Diemert is survived by his parents, Steve Diemert and Amy Luna, and his sister, Anna Diemert. Diemert was a key member of the LHS wrestling team, a hard worker, and a great friend.

The funeral was held on Monday, Sept. 13 2021. The service was held at Callaghan Mortuary on East Avenue in Livermore. 

Friends remember Diemert as an extremely hard worker, a dedicated teammate, and a light-hearted, funny, and encouraging friend.

“It was always kind of a joke but he always said work for your [stuff].  At 15 [he had] a summer job, working many hours a week doing hard construction just to pay off his truck,” Jack Prusso (11), a good friend of Diemert, shared. “We would make fun of him for never being able to hang out, but it really showed me what you need to do if you want something.”

¨The rise and grind…he was literally up at four a.m. every single morning and he got on the grind and went to work and he would stay for a long time.” Savanna Johnson (11), a close friend of Diemert, shared. 

¨There’s this one video from science in eighth grade, and Hunter was recording me crying because he would make me laugh so hard. I was crying and he was saying, ¨Summer don’t cry, don’t cry!” Summer Gryzowzka (11) said.

¨My favorite memory of him is probably just that he was always so upbeat and always dancing and singing and doing something random,” Tori Murphy (11) said. “It would just bring up the whole mood.”

“He always had a smile on his face, all of the time; especially during wrestling practice… he just kind of lived life the best he could,” shared River Lacivita (11).

Johnson said, “I think Hunter has taught me more about life than anyone else and I didn’t even realize he was teaching me about life until it was put into perspective.¨ 

“The one thing I’ll always remember about Hunter is that he lived so free; not to say he didn’t care, but nothing could bother him. You could say the worst thing to him and he would just shrug it off and go about his day. That’s personally something I [will] take from Hunter, and that’s how I wanna live my life,” Ashton Baswell (11) stated.

“Being light-hearted, his kindness, his funniness, he was always the light of someone’s day; no matter how someone was feeling, he was able to make them feel happy, and make them forget about their problems just by cheering them up and making them laugh,” Baswell said. 

Hunter Diemert is missed greatly, but the memories he has left behind will bring a smile to us all.