Livermore High Holiday Spirit


Before Livermore High School’s winter break started, LHS wanted to get into the holiday spirit by filling the final school week of December 2021 with holiday activities and fun.

One of these activities was the Holiday spirit week. Each day students wore a different holiday accessory or outfit. Monday was holiday hat day (representing any holiday), Tuesday was holiday colors (seniors and juniors wore red, and sophomores and freshmen wore green), Wednesday was holiday pajamas, Thursday was ugly sweaters, and lastly Friday was holiday socks.

Sadly some of the Winter festivities like freshman cookie decorating and gaga ball were cancelled due to rain all week, but the school continued to push on to make a good last week. 

During that week on Wednesday, during lunch LHS held musical chairs in the Amphitheater, and on Thursday a wrapping relay at lunch also in the Amphitheater. These fun holiday games were hosted as ways to bring our school together just before the holidays. 

The Winter Floral Arrangement Fundraiser began on Dec, 8 2021 and continued until Dec, 17 2021. It was in room 216 run by Agriculture teacher Daniela Olivia where one could purchase some festive arrangements created by the LHS floral design class. This fundraiser was a great chance to support this class and buy the things they create. 

In the end LHS came up with multiple ways to bring their students together and share the holiday spirit together. The activities ranging from spirit days to Christmas fundraisers had something for everyone to get involved in, whether it’s a small gesture or a big one.