Livermore High School Shoots for New Basketball Season


Despite only playing six games out of a twenty-six game season last year due to COVID, Livermore High School is back playing basketball. This year, like most other years, there are five teams: Boys’ Frosh, Junior Varsity and Varsity and Girls’ JV and Varsity. 

“For basketball this has been the most energetic team and I’m excited to see what they could do,” said the Coach of the Boys’ Varsity team and head of the athletic department, James Petersdorf. Not only is he happy that sports are up and running here at LHS, he is excited for the semi-regular school year.

Petersdorf mentioned that most of the team this year is new to playing basketball for LHS, seeing as all the seniors graduated last year. Some of them are seniors and juniors who haven’t played for LHS, and sophomores and freshmen who are new to the school. 

“It’s great to see all three teams playing again,” Petersdorf said after saying that there was no Freshman team last year, due to the pandemic. 

For a little while, the Girls’ basketball teams didn’t have enough players. Some of the JV players had to play in Varsity games, and vice versa. This was due to people leaving the teams either to focus on their academics or they didn’t have time for it anymore. That problem has been resolved; all the teams have enough players.

Basketball coaches are happy to have all the basketball teams up and running again, after not playing much last year. Support them in their games in January and February! The more energy they receive from the fans and students, the better they play. And like Coach Petersdorf has said “It’s an exciting team to watch, both boys and girls.”