Tampon Tuesday


On November 30th, 2021 at 5pm there was a charity event at Livermore High School at the  student union. Tampon Tuesday was hosted by the students from the Social Change Club. During Tampon Tuesday, informational slides and a short documentary was presented. The main goal of the event was to collect feminine products to donate back to our community. The charities donated to were Her Future Coalition and Tri Valley Haven. 

The first Tampon Tuesday was hosted on May 28th, 2019 at Livermore High School which was the first ever Tampon Tuesday in the United States. Tampon Tuesday was initially created by Mandy Fields and was put together by the former President of the Third Wave Club, Samantha Ruelas. 

Although the expectations of donations were met this year, the turnout was not. Kavyasri Murugesh, the Co-President of Students of Social Change Club and a Senior at LHS, says “For donations we did meet our expectations for turnout we didn’t, I’d say that was probably because publicity was just lacking on our end. We weren’t able to publicize enough or get enough people to get there. Most of the attendees were prior club members. We kind of wanted the community to show up.”