Favorite Holiday Activties


The holiday season is right around the corner and many people are excited for a break from school so that they can finally have a relaxation period without having to worry about school unless of course, you have homework assigned. Regardless, it is a chance given to students to recuperate and enjoy some well-deserved time off. Many students also use this time to have holiday activities and traditions with family and friends. 


Matt Morris, a senior at Livermore High School claimed that his favorite holiday activity was “unwrapping presents with my family because I love being together with them.” It gives him a chance to be around the people he loves, which is especially special because some of them he hardly sees due to distance. He also said that his favorite tradition was “an easter game with two hard-boiled eggs where you smash them together to see which one is stronger.” It is special to him because “my grandma showed me and my sister the game.” 


Another student I asked was another senior at LHS named Emily Wheeler. She said that her favorite holiday activity was going to “go see the Nutcracker with family, which was always really fun.” This was an interesting tradition because going to a play for Christmas is not a very common thing, yet seems like a fun tradition to look forward to around the holidays. When asked about any other tradition that is special to her, she said “I also love Boxing Day which is an English tradition. I love it because it prolongs Christmas and makes it so we can spend more time with family.” For those who don’t know Boxing Day is an English holiday which is celebrated a day after Christmas. 


Different people and individuals celebrate the holidays in many different ways but they seem to all agree on one thing. It is a very special time of the year for them. The holidays are a great time to feel connected with family and friends without having to worry about school or much of anything else, despite other prominent problems that may be there in your life. There may just be magic in the air after all.