Where are people going for winter break?



As the days get closer to winter break people start to prepare for their trips for the holidays. 


This student (10) shared “For winter break I am going to Houston, Texas to see my brother and sister. I want to explore Houston and see what the city has to offer.” Thomas said he hopes the winter break goes by really slowly so he can enjoy the holidays as much as possible. After winter break he will have a lot to do which is why he wants it to go by slowly. 


Evelyn LeDesma (12) shared, “During winter break I am going up to Walnut Creek for Christmas to see my cousins.” “After Christmas, I will go to San Diego to see my grandparents.” She will most likely celebrate New Years in San Diego while seeing everyone cheer for a new year.


Another student shared,  “I am going up to Lake Tahoe for the winter to ski and see family members I haven’t seen since 2020.” He talked about how he wanted this week of school to go really fast because he is excited to see his family members. He continued saying “I will be doing nothing but enjoying the outdoors and not worrying about school for 2 weeks.”


Hopefully you will all have a wonderful winter break no matter what you are going to do. Happy Holidays.