What to do after submitting your college applications


Congratulations! You’ve submitted your college applications, now what?

1. Follow up on Financial Aid

Apply for FAFSA! No matter where you and your family stand financially, you should always try to apply for financial aid. Also it could be helpful to keep a reminder for yourself when financial aid is due for your college.

2. Apply for Scholarships 

There are scholarships that are virtually available for everyone. Each scholarship has its own requirements and deadlines. Here’s a link to the Livermore High School Scholarship document. The career center on campus can also provide you with college help and information.

3. Update your Transcripts

As you receive your senior year grades you can update your grades on your transcript as the year progresses. 

4. Wait for Mail 

Colleges will contact you with your acceptance letter via email or letter through the mail. Also for some colleges you can check your application status update on your college’s application portal which you can find online. 

5. Try Not to Stress or Overthink 

The hard part is over : ) Although it may be stressful to await your decision, it’ll eventually come and you should be extremely proud of yourself. You’ve come so far and have so much potential.