The Complete Works of William Shakespeare:


Last week Livermore High School students got the chance to see the third and fourth performances of the fall play, where drama students presented The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). The play was a 90-minute rendition of William Shakespeare’s life’s work from Hamlet to Romeo and Juliet. The play premiered in the LHS theater on December 11th and the 12th. 


The play was a segment-based celebration of all of William Shakespeare’s contributions to the theater featuring actors and tech workers from Mrs. Hovey’s drama class. The performance’s run time sits around 90 minutes crammed with all 37 of William Shakespeare’s infamous plays (condensed of course).


But what’s behind the curtain of the LHS fall play? The creation of this play faced a rather complicated development process. The creation of this play faced a rather complicated development process according to drama students John (10) and Gerad (10) who portrayed Adam and Adam. “Production was enjoyable” but “tedious”. Rehearsals were far from easy. Some of the students with more challenging roles took a very long time to memorize their lines, props were scarce, and fall was coming quickly. Thankfully the LHS performing arts program pulled through like they always do and presented a fantastic final product.


Joseph (10), another drama student, stated that his favorite part of the performance was the humor. He says that there was a particular scene where audience members were brought on stage with the actors. The play ran in separate parts with groups of students playing characters from some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. Joseph’s favorite segment was Hamlet, he says that those actors really did well and that the group was one of the stronger parts of the play.


But it was not just the actors that brought the play together. Dorothee Capiton (11)  has been part of the tech division of LHS drama for the last three years, in other words ever since the beginning of her high school career. She says she sees herself doing drama all throughout college. Dorothee states that the tech team is great and really brings the performances together. They do lights, sound, stage props, and work backstage behind the scenes to keep the performance looking professional. Dorothee says one of the most memorable moments from being in tech was having to unlock the left door to the theater after it locked automatically to let a cast member in just in time for them to make it on stage. She also recalls having to throw a forgotten prop onstage right in the middle of a performance. 


It is hard to find people to work in tech and although it is a job that most of the audience will not see, they are essential to bringing together a play. The more tech members on stand-by, the higher the production quality. Dorothee says that at times tech is responsible for micing and managing up to 30 actors at once. But the view from the light control room is the best in the house.