The top christmas movies, what I really think of them


It’s officially December which means Christmas movies and holiday specials will be all over the T.V.  To start you off on your holiday movie marathons here’s what movie critics say are the best Christmas movies, that you will  also get an honest opinion on from someone who isn’t a movie critic. 

According to Entertainment Weekly,  A Wonderful Life (1946)  is the number one best Christmas movie for people to watch this holiday season. After viewing this film I found I disagree. It is a decent film but it is a colorless one with a slow storyline that takes a while to involve Christmas. It does, however, have some holiday jazz mixed in. 

After that there’s The Christmas Story (1983). I personally really enjoy this movie’s humor and plot. It’s an iconic staple. This film was made about 40 years ago, but it still portrays how Christmas time is from the perspective of a kid. 

There are a couple animated films on this list including,  A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)  and  How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966). These motion pictures are great ones to feel nostalgic and to throw on to watch when you need a little holiday pick me up. I think these films are incredible to watch with your family.

A big staple movie that is watched millions of times a year Is Elf (2003), a classic film known and loved by many that is referenced and still quoted to this day. The cast do a great job at telling this Christmas story. I think it is a perfect holiday movie that never fails to make people laugh.

There are a few stop motion animated films such as,  A year Without Santa Claus (1974) and  Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer (1964). I think these movies are very creative and take a lot of time and effort to make. They are large staples that people make sure are watched every year. These two films are fun childish animations to put on as nice ambiance. They give a nice nostalgic comforting feeling to people that gets them in the spirit of the holidays. 

Another movie we have is Home Alone (1990), a great motion picture about a child left alone at  home for Christmas. This is such an enjoyable movie for the season. It’s an early 90’s film that portrays what a kid might do if they were left alone in such a large house with so much freedom. Overall this whole motion picture is a fun roller coaster of adventure and comedy. 

For our last film we have The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993), and even though Christmas is in the title people still debate whether or not it’s about Christmas. This film is everything the title says it is. It’s about a skeleton who decides to give the real Santa Claus a break this year and replace him so he can deliver gifts that will leave innocent kids with nightmares for years.  This piece has a bunch of twists and it’s very well done, but definitely not number one for most people. 

In the end, I hope everyone enjoys these Christmas movies and will maybe watch a few new ones this year. There are so many movies to pick from during this holiday season but these are the top ones in the world that people deeply enjoy. Watching movies like these are great to feel festive and help you continue to feel excited for the holidays.