How Thanksgiving is Overshadowed by Christmas


Image is taken from Canva, November 2021

Thanksgiving break is arriving very soon, and students are looking forward to the one-week break. But many people are already focused on the Christmas Holidays. In my opinion, Thanksgiving is extremely overshadowed by Christmas, (even if no one admits it) and that needs to change.


Think about it. How many Thanksgiving movies have you seen? I can count the amount of Thanksgiving movies I have seen with one hand. In fact, the only Thanksgiving movie I have seen is A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. But even if you have seen more, is it anything compared to the amount of Christmas movies? How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone, The Polar Express, It’s a Wonderful Life, Jingle all the Way, Elf, The Santa Clause, and just so, so much more. That doesn’t even count Christmas specials in TV shows, or Christmas-themed books. You could say I am not counting Thanksgiving books or TV shows, either, and you would have a point, but search it up. The amount of Thanksgiving content is far, far less than Christmas in general. 


I have even more evidence to prove that Thanksgiving is overshadowed. And that would be decorations. Christmas decorations are classic. Starting with Christmas Trees, there is also the Elf on the Shelf, Wreaths, and Gingerbread Houses (unless you eat those immediately.) Inflatable Santas, Reindeer, and Red and Green Christmas Lights. One could even argue that Snowmen count as Christmas decorations. But what decorations does Thanksgiving have? A single inflatable turkey, at best. When I go to stores, I already see lots of Christmas decorations, despite the fact it is Thanksgiving! This is a huge part of why I believe Thanksgiving is overshadowed.

But why is Thanksgiving neglected in favour of Christmas? One reason is because you get to do more traditionally ‘fun’ things on Halloween and Christmas. On Halloween, you get to wear costumes, collect candy, and watch scary movies. On Christmas, well, you get presents to play with and look forward to, and you get a whole two-week break, which completely overshadows Thanksgiving’s own break! 


Thanksgiving also has a much harder ‘theme.’ Halloween has a spooky, scary theme, while Christmas has a winter-y, gift-giving theme. However, turkeys and family meals are not as easy to merchandise as winter Snowmen and creepy Ghosts are.

But I think the main reason is because of the close distance between Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving is stuck right in the middle between these holidays. You don’t appreciate Thanksgiving as much because you will have a holiday soon after, and had a holiday soon before. 

Thanksgiving deserves more appreciation. It was traditionally to appreciate the successful harvest, and start celebrating the end of the year. Thanksgiving is about appreciating your own family and everything you have, which is very important. You never really miss something, or someone, until you lose it. On Thanksgiving, you have a chance to realize how lucky and successful you are, no matter how stressed you might feel.