Warriors Dynasty May Not Be Over


The Golden State Warriors, an ex dynasty to many sports fans whether they like it or not. This was the narrative before going into this regular season for all NBA fans and analysts alike. However, something special happened during this regular season for the underdog Warriors. They are sitting at the top of the Western Conference with an impressive record of 12-2. 

This isn’t all luck, there has been a game plan that is being followed by some amazing coaching by Steve Kerr, and MVP-caliber play by point guard, and arguably best shooter of all time, Stephen Curry. However, it hasn’t just been Curry by himself, after all, just one player doesn’t make up the whole team. The supporting cast around Curry have been playing extremely well as a team, and doing their roles perfectly.

Primarily, third year shooting guard Jordan Poole has taken a huge leap forward in his development as a player and has emerged as a real scoring threat in this season. It hasn’t just been him, small forward Andrew Wiggins has also proved to be a trustable scorer on offense, and an apt defender as well. Speaking as defense, the Warriors have built up the best defense in the league. This has been led by players like Draymond Green, who is arguably the heart and soul of the Warriors team throughout the years. Another great defender has been Gary Payton II, son of the legendary player, Gary Payton. He comes off the bench and is a real spark for the defense, as he makes an immediate impact and changes the momentum.

The scary part for the rest of the NBA is that the Warriors have been doing so well with two of their star players out with injury. Klay Thompson is coming off a big ACL injury so he might be a shell of who he used to be, but he will still help immensely, as he is one of the best shooters perhaps ever. Second year player, James Wiseman is also set to return soon, and he should be an anchor on the defensive end, along with a great scorer under the basket in offense.

Though many people didn’t expect this before the season started, it seems that the Warriors are a real title contending team. It looks like they have a bright future ahead of them, and have for sure ended the talks about a dynasty that has crumbled.