Free Lunch Program a Huge Success?


The school lunch that is provided at Livermore High School has always cost students money. Four dollars for each lunch, and then an added 75 cents for other items like cookies, chips, etc. However, the school district this year decided that the new lunch program should be free for all students. The question is, has this been a success or was it a bad idea? 

I talked to a fellow senior, at LHS, Emily Wheeler, about her thoughts on the new program. “I think that the free lunch and breakfast program is a good way to get students to fulfil their nutritional needs´. Wheeler also points out some flaws she sees in the system: ¨Some bad parts are with the increased amount of available meals there is excess waste of food, there are very long lines and the places to get lunch close rather early in the lunch period so people who have to make up tests at lunch and want to get lunch late into the lunch period, aren’t able to¨.

Wheeler wasn’t the only person who had strong opinions on the change to free lunch. Another LHS Senior,Matt Morris claimed that “ever since they got free lunch there has only been one thing on the menu.” He said he would be more willing to get the school lunch. He also claimed “no not really, because half the time the food looks bad.” This has been a complaint reiterated by many students over the years, especially this year. However, he did end up saying “well I think it’s helpful for the students that can’t get lunch normally.” The question is, does this make up for the allegedly bad food? 

Another problem that many students have noticed is the steep increase in the lines to get food, which turns many students away. It also enables many students to cut the lines. Despite these pitfalls, the student interviewed still said “It makes me more likely to get the school provided lunch.” Any free lunch program will have its faults, but the overall purpose of feeding students nutritious meals, regardless of economic background has been a success.