“An Evening with Silk Sonic” Album Review


Bruno Mars is finally back with a full length album after five long years, which has felt like forever for many avid music fans. “An Evening with Silk Sonic” follows Bruno’s blueprint, with a short soundtrack, sitting at nine songs. However, singers and writers, Bruno and Anderson .Paak nail every song, and make them all memorable in their own way.

You can tell from the first song on the soundtrack where the direction of the collaboration album is going. It starts with an intro that features famed 70s Funkadelic star Bootsy Collins, that really sets the tone of the entire project. 

Next up on the album is the melodic track, and first single of the album, “Leave The Door Open.” It has a laid back 70s jazz feel to it with beautiful vocals from Paak and Mars alike. 

Just as the album sets into a silky feel, the next track, “Fly As Me,” has you back on your feet dancing away with an upbeat funk tune that feels empowering. 

“Smokin Out The Window ” sees Bruno and .Paak complaining about a woman that had done them wrong. There are many humorous lines in the song such as when .Paak says “But I also hope/ That your trifling a** is walking ‘round barefoot in these streets.” The song successfully sounds amazing while giving you a laugh or two. 

The next song, “Put On A Smile” really has a more somber tone where .Paak and Mars reminisce about a breakup that had them “trying to put on a smile” while really fighting back tears. It plays like a cliche Bruno Mars song, In fact it is probably my favorite song on the entire album. It is smooth, somber, and feels so refined.

 “Skate” has more of the classic retro vibe to it, while retaining that same upbeat vibe. It has some cheesy lines such as “You smell better than a barbeque,” but the overall feel and beat of the song makes up for it. 

Lastly, “Blast Off” is the perfect send off for the album, as it encapsulates the style that the album was going for and packs it in beautifully for the last song. Ever since hearing the first single from the album all the way in March, I have been hooked on Silk Sonic, and have waited patiently for what they had planned next. Now that the album is finally here, it has lived up to all the expectations I had for it in the first place.  

Overall, it is very hard to find any flaws in this album, and it already has the feel of a classic. I can’t wait for anything else they have to offer in the future. Bruno and Anderson .Paak did not disappoint.