What are students second trimester schedule


As the first trimester of the school year ends and everyone is getting ready to take their finals, people are now seeing what classes they have for the second trimester. Some of them say it will be harder than their 1 trimester. The second trimester of the school year will begin November 29, 2021 after Thanksgiving break. 


Evelyn Ledesma(12) says that “my second trimester will be harder as I will have more AP classes, but in third trimester I will have the easiest trimester.” One of the classes she talked about being difficult for her next trimester is AP calculus as she said “It is a math class and it is AP so it will be difficult.” One good thing she said about second trimester is that 3 weeks into the next trimester you get 2 weeks off for Christmas break. While talking about the second trimester she said “I can’t believe we are almost done with high school and are about to move on to college.” After high school she wants to go to a university.


After that a freshman would be the next to talk. He said “It is not difficult as I have AP human geography, biology, health, PE, and english.” He said that his first trimester of high school wasn’t as bad, as he thought and he did well in all his classes. For his hardest class he said “I would say AP human geography because it is the only AP class I am taking.” He wants to continue to do his best next trimester but he wants it to be the holidays already. As for a final note he said “In the future I want to take more classes I find fun rather than boring.”


The final person that talked about this was a senior in high school. She said “Next trimester I will have all academic course compared to only having one for this trimester.” As for the most difficult class for the trimester she said “It will probably be one of my AP classes I am taking next trimester.” She talked about how first trimester was so fun and how she had barely any homework. She wants to go to a community college first, then transfer to a university.