Is Tiktok Addictive?


There are differing opinions when it comes to the actual power that Tiktok has over teenagers, especially with the specific demographic in question. Different students had widely different responses upon being questioned on whether or not they found Tiktok addictive or not. One Livermore High School senior, Yosef Soliman explained, “yes it is, it is very addictive, just like any other social media.” He also gave some very insightful comments about the extent to which TikTok can suck an average user into its platform, “it’s a sense of belonging or wanting to be noticed by others. You always have the incentive to post stuff about yourself so others can see you, and you want to be famous in a sense.” So according to Yosef, TikTok can keep you addicted by the nature of its platforms, and how it can appeal to people’s desires to follow trends. It is important to be noted that Yosef has never downloaded TikTok out of fear of developing an addiction.

Now, another senior who was interviewed by the name of Dylan Steills who had a different response to the question. He claimed that “I do not think it is inherently addictive, I do think people can be addicted to it, but at least in my case I think I have enough self-control and self-restraint to be able to not be on the app too much to the point I develop an addiction.” Dylan also states “I deleted it over the summer,” and then when being asked why he said, “ I felt like I was addicted.” This is interesting because both Dylan and Yosef claim that it is addictive, but Yosef claims the addiction lies with the actual app, while Dylan claims that the addiction lies within the person. It should be important to note that Dylan said before the interview ended that he rarely ever goes on TikTok anymore. 

We interviewed one more person who had a different perspective on the platform Tiktok. A LHS Freshman we interviewed said that the reason why Tiktok is addictive was because of “short videos.” She said that “most people who don’t have patience for longer videos have to skip around. It’s easier to watch.” This is an interesting perspective because the students we interviewed talked about how teens want to be popular within the app but instead, the student talks about how students are in favor of short videos instead of longer videos.

Different students from different demographics have proved that Tiktok can be different for various reasons which could also mean that it’s as addictive as it’s made up to be even though students who claim that he is not addicted anymore admitted that he had a problem in the past which made him delete the app. Tiktok has somehow affected our lives whether we realize it or not.