LHS Reboot: Visual and Performing Arts


With in person school starting again after almost two years of online school, those with certain electives–such as art–had trouble learning through online school.

Jeff Glatstein, the Chef for Culinary Arts, stated that he enjoyed teaching online and in person. Glatstein, who also teaches online college courses, stated that in the classroom they get to do some labs, “they’re gonna cook, evaluate”. However, for exams, online was easier, but  “when it comes to the actual material on site, in person is better”.

When it comes to online school, having students grasp the concept of Culinary Arts was difficult because, “we couldn’t make them cook at home, it was a financial burden on the students, and you didn’t wanna put a burden on the parents. It was harder to teach that aspect online–that you can’t apply what you learned”.

Chris Filice, the Choir teacher, stated that he preferred teaching in person, ”because the whole point is singing together in a group,” being online made it difficult for both the teacher and students. “Not being able to get immediate feedback about singing. Normally in class when we’re in person, the students sing and I can help make it better. But online we had to record everything, and I had to listen to them and then give them comments–which delayed progress”.

Going back to in person school, since they had missed the community aspect of choir, they could “come in and help each other out–maybe with a makeup part test and singing groups and work together”. 

Justin Enright, the band and orchestra teacher, stated that he prefers “in person because you cannot create ensemble music online”. As a music teacher, it was very difficult to create good music or music at all, and “you can’t play together online because of technical difficulties–like latency issues”. 

As for freshman, it was very difficult to teach them about new music and special techniques “because they didn’t get a whole lot of middle school experience or education either, so the students are way behind”.

The art teachers are very grateful that in person school has started up again, and hope that they never have to go back to online school as it makes their job very difficult and delays progress.