Impact of COVID-19 on LHS Students, Teachers, and Staff


During the COVID-19 pandemic we have all had to make sacrifices for the wellbeing of our community. Staying safe and healthy is crucial for us all during these times. Most students, teachers, and staff are all trying their best to get through this while following the mandates correctly and efficiently. However, many have expressed worry about the minority who don’t feel it’s necessary to take precaution or follow mandates. 

Ms. Myllenbeck, an English teacher at Livermore High School, feels that although masks are a hassle they are necessary to stay safe from the virus. “I think the mask mandate is necessary where we are in the pandemic with the variance and break through cases of people who have been vaccinated, so I am in favor of it.” Ms Myllenbeck also voiced concerns with school and COVID. She states, “I worry that I could catch COVID from an unvaccinated student and even though I’m vaccinated I could have a breakthrough case.” This concern has been shared among other teachers as well.

Mr. Dolan, a math teacher at LHS believes that more students should be vaccinated. He also understands that many people and students don’t want to get it. Mr Dolan explains, “I get it, people don’t want to do this, we lose choice. If you mandate this then where’s my freedom?… but you don’t have any freedoms if you die. So do what you have to do to protect yourself first. Then if you’re protecting yourself first, you’re also protecting everyone else.” 

The impact of online school has affected all of the teachers and students of LHS. Some of the students were positively affected by the online school phase and some were negatively impacted. Lilith, a sophomore student at LHS, says that there were some positive aspects of online school but there were also some disadvantages. Lilith states, “Online school was hard for me. I like in person learning more. I couldn’t talk to anyone during online learning and didn’t make any new friends, but I could also manage my own time so that was a benefit.” Ms Myllenbeck also felt that online school had some drawbacks. She explains, “I think online school for at least half the kids was a drawback for them not to be in a classroom, I don’t think it was an advantage for anybody.” 

Overall, COVID has impacted us all. Many students feel they are behind because of online school, while others feel it was a great learning experience. The mask mandate is one of the biggest changes our school has had to undergo. Not seeing faces and wearing masks can be odd but safety is always going to be one of the school’s top priorities. With vaccine mandates getting more and more popular some are excited while others are still in fear. We all need to make the right decisions to keep ourselves and others safe. Although LHS has already gone through so much, the pandemic is still not over. However, with the help of each other we can get towards the end faster.