Save the Date, Secure Your Future

Save the Date, Secure Your Future

This month the Novva Statewide College Fair does a virtual visit to Livermore High School! Representatives from Novva have been hosting an online fair where students from across the state had the chance to learn about their educational future. 


The fair was on November 2nd and included over 150 colleges to choose from. The fair’s virtual setting invites a more modern and larger selection of college options. The fair was hosted by the Novva Next-Gen of Student Fairs and it encompassed high schools from Kennedy High School to LHS. 


The Statewide College Fair began on November 2nd and provided a bunch of opportunities to high schoolers across the state. Using an algorithm, the Novva website determines what college fits into a student’s preferences and works to match their preferences with courses across the country. Students and their parents will then be connected with live online experts to ask questions about the future. 


During the event, students enjoyed the company of college representatives from around the country. Just by joining the event, one will be entered into a $1000 scholarship giveaway that includes a free roundtrip to a dream college and a hotel room for up to two people. Scholarships are extremely important for getting to a dream college, but the only way to enter into this giveaway is to participate in the fair itself. 


The event began with a zoom meeting where students were informed about the opportunities presented at the college fair. After that students went into part of the website and pick out colleges that stand out to them. Students get the opportunity to speak with representatives from these colleges and universities where they tell students about the route to getting accepted into that school. 


I spoke with someone who represented Lafayette College of Pennsylvania. They spoke about how Lafayette is accepting scholarships despite the pandemic. Lafayette College is an all-inclusive low-income to middle-class college accepting scholarships from all kinds of Americans. They can be reached at (610)-330-5000 or


Another college I learned about was Point Loma Nazarene University located in San Diego, California. PLNU is currently accepting campus tours for visitors around the world. Unfortunately because of the pandemic tours are exclusive to the vaccinated only. Apply today at or (619)-849-2200. 


Although this college fair has ended, there is another opportunity coming up every couple of months. For dates on upcoming college events: For more information about upcoming college events, visit the LHS website or at the Novva Statewide college visit website.