Breast cancer awareness throughout LHS


Breast Cancer Awareness month, raises awareness for Breast Cancer the whole month. This  is when a lot of places will allow you to donate to research foundations or find ways to educate you on why it should be discussed. For Livermore High School this topic is recognized in many ways. 

The first thing that the school does is sell their students breast cancer awareness merchandise. That includes a pink sweatshirt and a shirt with a print of a pink ribbon on it. Those are ordered at the beginning of the month so they can be seen on students all around the campus. 

LHS also held a pink out game at the end of the month. A pink out game is when the whole school was influenced to wear pink to the football home game that was held in this past October. 

The game had the student section packed; full of students showing their spirit. There was pink everywhere whether it was school merchandise, paint, or other pink accessories –everyone showed their spirit and support. 

The Craft club, run by Carrie Rosenstein, started selling their own stuff  to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness month. They were given a few pink rubber bracelets that influenced their decision to make their own beaded Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets to sell. 

This idea was not only influenced by the donations but also by the club officers who thought it would be a quick and easy way to support an important cause. The bracelets were at the Pink out game, and they sold about 30 bracelets for 2 dollars each. 

LHS does their part all around so they can promote awareness and keep their students educated on big topics like breast cancer. When the school makes spirit weeks or hosts events the students always try to give what they can to show their spirit and that they care.