Traveling during the COVID-19 regulations this Holiday season.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been active for around two years now. The holiday season is just around the corner and students and faculty at Livermore High School are in the travel spirit. Traveling during the pandemic has its rules and regulations. The CDC (The Center for Disease Control) states the protocols of traveling in the United States. Traveling will delay until you are fully vaccinated and have an authorized vaccination card. Students at LHS have differing opinions on how they will be traveling or spending their holiday season this year.


Student Lexi Dimas (12) will be traveling for the holidays and states how she feels towards the protocols being taken at airports and public transportation platforms. “ I am following the protocols as asked” and what these protocols mean. “I think these protocols are important because it not only keeps me safe but others that may have health issues safe”


Aine Winter (12) will not be traveling this season due to personal health reasons and feelings towards airport protocols. “My personal opinion is that these protocols shouldn’t be in place, like wearing masks won’t stop the spread of Covid and the six feet distancing thing doesn’t do anything either.” Her feelings towards the regulations being taken are excessive and uncalled for.


Mel Miler (11) Is not yet sure if she will be traveling for the holidays. “I agree with the mandations of maks and the limited amount of people in buildings.” as well as her personal feelings towards the protocols “These protocols are important to keep us safe and healthy! Not just us, but those who are vulnerable to the disease”


Students of Livermore High have differing opinions on the regulations being taken during the rise of COVID again. Many students will be traveling this holiday season following the protocols to keep themselves and others safe. It is important to follow these guidelines in public areas of transportation during large gatherings to keep Corona from spreading and rising to a deadly rate as in previous years.