Misery at LHS series: Social Science


In this article, you will see how teachers are coming back to in-person learning, how the school year has been, and other things. This part of the series is with the social science teacher. This article will show a teacher that teaches freshmen and sophomores.


The first teacher that was talked to was David Perotti. David Perotti teaches F.I.T (Freshman in Transition) and World History. He usually teaches 9th and 10th graders. He is also the baseball coach for LHS. Most of his students would say that he is one of the best teachers in the school. David Perotti sometimes during his teaching of world history would dress up to make history more interesting.


When the interview first started  he said that this year was a little bit of an adjustment, but it was like riding a bike. He would go on to say that he likes being around people and it was one of the main reasons why he teaches. He also said the only thing he misses about online learning, is that he was able to get things done around the house in between classes. In the teacher’s opinion he said that in-person teaching is more fun, but more classroom management issues. He would also state that online teaching had no issues with behavior compared to in person.