LHS Reboot: English Department


The switch from online learning to in person hasn’t been easy. The teachers at Livermore High School have had to make accommodations for not only the students’ safety, but also for the staff. With the use of chromebooks, vaccine mandates, social distancing, and masks this school year has caused new issues that have never been a worry in the past.

A problem that many teachers have faced, especially the English department, is the lack of interaction and discussion between students and teachers. “It’s a little bit more difficult than it used to be because they were so used to being at home for so long and just kind of doing things in their own time” said Tiara Johnson, English Teacher. This has been a common issue amongst the teachers due to being strictly online for a year. Since students got so accustomed to being at home and creating their own schedule, there’s been an increasing issue around deadlines for school work.

In addition to academic problems there are issues regarding the safety of students during this pandemic. Johnson explained, “In addition to all of our regular teaching responsibilities, now we have to monitor kids and make sure they’re wearing their masks. And we’ve got Chromebooks, which is awesome, but also could be a problem with people who don’t have them, or they’re not charged.”

The grading system for the English department is different than any other departments, due to essays and in-depth writing pieces. Along with grading is the district write, which has always been a cause for confusion for teachers. Although there’s been many new difficulties, in-person learning has allowed extensive participation in the classroom. When in a physical classroom surrounded by peers rather than at home by themselves, students are more eager to ask questions and engage in class discussions. Students are also able to collaborate with one another more easily and develop relationships with their teachers that they wouldn’t be able to online. After talking to many students and staff at LHS it is good for both staff and students to be back, even if there are differences.