LHS Reboot: Foreign Languages


Foreign Languages are incredibly hard to teach. This was especially the case for online school. It was hard to teach this subject for several reasons. One would not know if the students were paying attention or if they were even there. So when the Foreign Languages teachers were asked if they preferred online school or in person school; they all said in person school.

When asked why in person school was better, Mary Kaye Brown, the Latin teacher, mentioned that direct contact with their students was easier. And Roxanna Westbrook, one of the Spanish teachers, continued by saying the teachers could have a better understanding of how the students learn or if they are learning at all. It is also easier to form a bond with the students and to have group work and activities.

Teaching a language requires being able to speak out loud, which is something not many students want to do in online school. It also requires being able to listen to the possible responses, something that was hard to do with the different types of problems, and the most common problems were lack of experience with technology and issues with wifi connections.

Though there were some good things about teaching online. Mrs. Brown said that when teaching with a Doc U Cam, students could better see the notes since they aren’t having to look over the shoulders of fellow students. Mrs. Westbrook said that teaching online was good for the crisis and emergency at the time. Heema Sinibaldi, the French teacher, said that it caused less social anxiety for the students.Though it does not feel like it, there are good and bad things about teaching online, but teachers prefer in person instead.