LHS Reboot: Math


As many may know, online school has gone to in person school with COVID cases going down. There have been difficulties for both students and teachers to adjust to school going back to in person after staying home for so long, from March of 2020 to the end of the 2020-21 school year and back to starting in person school this year — already nearing the end of the first trimester.

Several teachers have been interviewed to discuss what it was like adjusting to in person school after teaching distance learning for a year and a half. 

Keith Switzer, freshman Algebra teacher, stated “[The advantage] to online school is that the kids can be anywhere to do the lesson — they don’t have to be all in one spot.” Switzer added that, “It’s more of an advantage when I can help the students physically.” 

As a math teacher, Switzer said reaching out to students who needed help to understand the concepts during distance learning wasn’t very difficult. “It was not hard because I made YouTube videos of every lesson in the book,” Switzer said.  

Switzer believes this helped his students review concepts that they didn’t understand because they had unlimited access to the videos. 

Switzer said he knows that many teachers and students had difficulties with Zoom, however his experience was pretty smooth. “I didn’t teach on Zoom; [my students] were taught by watching my videos. They didn’t have to worry about distractions; it’s just them and the video.” 

Amandeep Khangura, the Precalculus and Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus teacher, stated that she found teaching through online learning very difficult because,”they didn’t have enough time, especially in the beginning.” 

Khangura said she felt that this could have impacted both the students’ and teachers’ motivation, as well as  impacting the students’ work ethic and grades. 

Khangura also stated that since most of the teachers who were “teaching in person didn’t actually have any experience [with Zoom and Webex] so we were learning on the job.” 

These interviews proved that online school was very difficult for some teachers while other teachers used what they already knew to teach students through online learning. It also may have been difficult for students to learn through online school because of teachers who had challenges teaching through online school.