The Fall Concert


There was a Fall concert held on Wednesday, October 20th, this was an event to bring Livermore High school’s music community together. It was hosted by Mr. Enright, the school’s orchestra and band teacher here at LHS. 

Mr. Enright said [about the fall concert] “Our first opportunity during the school year for all of our ensembles to show off the hard work that they’ve been putting in.”

The Fall concert has been described by the audience as spooky and perfect for the Halloween and Autumn season. The goal for the Fall concert is to feel like the changing of seasons.

The audience sat in amazement during the advanced performance with the Chamber Orchestra and Symphonic band. 

Something Mr. Enright loves about the Fall concert is that “In general, that students are getting to perform, some of them for the first time.”  This shows how the concert is a huge event for most of the music students to share their talent and become more confident when performing in front of crowds.

Mr. Enright described that his favorite part about doing the Fall concert is to see the community come together and make sure everyone succeeds as a group. He stated that “when even one person fails, everyone else will.” So supporting each other is very important for group success.

Overall this musical fall festivity is a great way to get into the spirit of fall and Halloween. It is a fun time for everyone to enjoy music together and enjoy the great music community at Livermore High School.