Letting Trans Students go to their Transitioned Gender


Schools should help with letting transgender students to be more proud of who they are, this could begin with letting them go to their transitioned gender, such as female to male (trans men) would go to the male locker room rather than going to their biological gender. Transgender people should be comfortable with who they are and should not be ashamed of themselves. Many people believe they should express themselves proudly.

They could also start asking about preferred pronouns and names, and asking if they are comfortable being referred to as their preferred names in front of their parents.

Ms. Boeder, the Freshman PE teacher, believes that schools are already doing enough for transgender students. Though members of the trans community would disagree with the opinion of schools doing enough for trans students, she believes that students “should go wherever makes them comfortable.¨

Freshmen, transgender and cisgender (identifies with their biological gender), who gender will be kept anonymous, have been interviewed and took a stand on this topic.

Mikayla Cho (9), was interviewed to take their stance on transgender students going to their gender oriantated bathrooms and locker rooms. They said that they are unsure about having trans students going to their gender orientated bathrooms because,”Annoying and perverted people could fake it and would ruin it.” She also believes that people of their biological gender would be uncomfortable seeing a transgender person, especially people against transgender rights.

Yuechen Xu (9), believes that bathrooms and locker rooms are private and personal areas, and “if people don’t feel comfortable with a trans person in them then they shouldn’t feel more comfortable without them either.¨ They also believe that transgender students should only ¨go to their proper locker rooms¨ if they are comfortable and want to.

Though this is controversial among students and staff members, many Freshman believe the school staff members should do something about not outing (exposing) transgender students, by letting them go to their preffered locker room and bathroom.