Link Crew Events For Autumn


“It’s really important to the Freshman and Sophomores to feel like they’re part of the community and not be boo’d all the time and that is just not really great. This club is important to help prevent a negative atmosphere for our classmen or underclassmen,” said Nalini D’Souza. Nalini D’Souza (12), Maisha Ahmed (12), Amelia Nelson (12), and Aunsha Aluri (11) are Link Crew Officers. 

If you don’t already know, Link Crew Club helps Freshmen get involved in the school. They organize events so Freshmen could come out of their shells and embrace Livermore High. They organize events for the whole school too. And the officers make sure everyone’s on task and doing what they need to do.

Even though Link Crew is a lot of work, Nalini D’Souza said “It’s not really stressful. If everyone stays on track, it’s actually fun,” Amelia agreed saying that she hasn’t felt stressed in the club, “There are a lot of people in the club and working together and it’s usually a lot of good ideas throughout the club” added Miasha Ahmed.

The event that has been organized by the Link Crew Club this year so far was the Freshmen Orientation. The next events lined up to happen are Fright Night, Link Leader Social, and Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram, all set to happen by the end of the first trimester.

Fright Night is a Halloween carnival (Like a Halloween school party) In past Fright Nights they played games like Donut on a String and Pumpkin Bowling. There will be candy, a maze, and if possible with a movie. The maze is normally in the Student Union though it could change due to COVID restrictions. Though the amount of games is balanced out with how big the maze is.. Fright Night will be on Friday October 22nd at 7:00 pm. 

Link Leader Social is an event for Link Crew Members to get to know each other and have a good time. There isn’t a set date on it, since it’s only for the Link Crew Members.

The final event for the trimester will be Cocoa, Cookies, and Cram though it’s not fully approved. It’s normally held in the Student Union but this year it’s planned to be held in the Science Quad. Members help Freshman and Sophomores study for Finals. Since freshmen are new to the school, it’s normal for them to worry about Finals.The Link Crew Club will provide Freshmen with cookies and cocoa.

Make sure you are there for Fright Night and Cocoa, Cookies and Cram! Link Crew helps out our school a lot. From making sure Freshmen feel comfortable at a new school to planning school events. Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores, if you guys are interested in Link Crew, check it out on Tuesdays during lunch in S-11.