Halloween Survey


Livermore High School students are getting their costumes ready and getting excited for Halloween being right around the corner.

Abbey Mavrakis (10) is more than thrilled for Halloween, having her costume ready months in advance. She is being her favorite movie character, Emily, from the movie “The Corpse Bride”

Jack Canfield (9) enjoys Halloween but is not sure what he wants to be yet. “I’ll probably do a couples costume with my girlfriend. Most likely the Terminator and Sara Connor.” 

Katelynn Martindill (11)  is dressing up as “fire.” When asked why she chose fire, she pointed to her best friend Aine Ragen (11) “She’s being ice.” Both juniors are excited for the upcoming holiday and wearing their costumes. 

All students around the campus are being the classics, such as ghost faces, the classic witch. I’ve also heard some students will dress as; a piece of bacon, a foot, and one girl being Shrek. 

Everyone at LHS can’t wait and is excited for the classic holiday.