Mr. Perotti: Livermore High’s Next Star Golfer


David Perotti, a beloved Freshman in Transition teacher (a class that helps freshmen get to know the school) and baseball coach at Livermore High School, claims that golfing is one of his favorite pastimes. Perotti began golfing when he was about 10 years old, and still enjoys it to this day. He finds going to the golf course a fun way to spend time with his family and friends. 

On and off the golf course, Perotti is known as extremely competitive. This trait, as a matter of fact, is a key element to mastering the game of golf. “Patience, eye-hand coordination, and competitiveness” all contribute to picking up this strategic, time consuming sport, said Perotti. The most important skills when acquiring a new sport, particularly golf, are often mental tasks rather than physical movements. 

Summer is the season of endless fun for Mr. Perotti. He and his kids golf approximately twice a week during the warm months of June and July. Perotti confesses that his oldest son, a junior at LHS, “beats him every time.” Above all else, his favorite result of participating in this activity is to “watch his kids get better each year.” 

Perotti is Livermore High’s best multitasker as well. Conquering baseball, teaching, parenting, and golf all at the same time! Make sure you keep an eye out for David Perotti, Livermore High’s next star golfer.