Cross country athlete talks about their goals, other things for the season


Cross Country is a Fall sport, lasting from August 9th to November 27, and it doesn’t get talked about often. Cross country practices used to be 6 days a week, but now it is 4 or 5 days a week. The reason is because on Friday and sometimes Monday they just run on their own for 60 minutes and post it on Strava. Strava is a site where the runner can post their run on days where they miss practice or the team doesn’t run together. Practice starts at 4:30 and ends at 6:00 pm. The team mostly runs at Kellman Fields. 


In cross country meets there can be more than 100 people and they would usually run three miles for each race. At the end of the season there is the North Coast Section, which is in Hayward High School, and if you run really well you might make it to the California Interscholastic Federation state championship. The team just ran a meet at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco on Saturday.


Sujin Leek, a Senior on the Girls Cross Country Varsity, ran at the cross country meet on Saturday. In the race she got 42nd place out of 154 and finished with a time of 19:31.7. She started in track and field her sophomore year and then did the first year of cross country during Junior year. 


When the interview first started, she talked about why she joined cross country and she said “Because I suck at other sports and just love running.” On the next question of what are your goals, she replied “I want to break 20 minutes and get a medal.” What Sujin is saying about breaking 20 minutes is that she wants to run under 20 minutes for 3 miles. Like for example running a 19:25:02 is breaking 20 minutes. After these questions she would say “My favorite thing is that the team is very supportive and my least favorite thing about cross country is that when you don’t want to run you still have to run.” On the final question of the interview she was asked about any improvement on the cross country meet and she responded “No, I was happy about my performance.” In conclusion Sujin likes the team and support, wants to improve her times, and just enjoy the sport of cross country.