Clubs Are Opening Up at LHS


There are multiple clubs here at Livermore High School. They vary in subjects, from the environment to the student body. If you have yet to join a club and are interested, this article could help. 

If you like building robots, then Ms. Fletcher’s Gravitech X Robotics could be for you. You basically build a robot with the whole club and could participate in multiple competitions. I looked at the robot that was built two years ago (it was a ball launcher), and it was so cool. But what do they do with the robots afterwards? They recycle them. They use them for other robots. Not only is this club teaching you about working together as a team, it also teaches you how to be resourceful. There are typically 30 students in this club. They meet on Monday and Thursday after school in room 208.

Ms. Fletcher is also Advisor of the Next Gen Nations which meets on Thursdays at lunch in room 206. Like Mr. Cabasino’s (Cabby) National Honor Society (which meets on Wednesdays during CAP in the theatre) and Mr. Rivas’ Leo Club (which meets on Thursdays during lunch in or outside of room S-9), they help out the community. I asked Mr. Cabby why he opened a club that does community service. To which he replied, “[I] wanted to get involved in community service.” Community service is not required in college , but it’s an important part of the college scholarship process. And the Leo Club did a creek clean-up last year.

If you like being social and want to be in a club, Mrs. Stephens’ Link Crew could be for you! Link Crew is a bunch of Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores hosting events for the Freshmen or just events in general. These events could be academic or fun. They’re also in charge of Freshmen Orientation and Cocoa Cookies and Cram to help study for finals. From what I heard, there are four big events in fall and four big events in winter. Then in Spring they recruit. Something she has noticed about these clubs is that the student leaders are the best kids. “When you sign up for Link Crew, you are signing up to help people.” is what Mrs. Stephens had to say. They meet on Tuesdays at lunch in the Science Quad.

Led by Mrs. Kline and coached by Mrs. Haugen, is the Science Olympiad! The Science Olympiad is a competitive science club. They compete in events with different subjects. It’s not just chemistry, or life science, or even engineering. It could be multiple things. They’re also partnered with Christensen. Christensen does middle school and LHS does high school, but overall they overlap. They meet on Thursdays during lunch in S-5. “You don’t have to love science,” is what she saids to new members.

The Coach of the Science Olympiad, Mrs. Haugen, is also in charge of the Nature Club. Nature Club is a club where you explore nature. It’s almost like Mrs. Hennessy’s Adventure Club but not really. They both explore and see things but they differ as the Nature Club also does community service and the Adventure Club does seasonal activities (like snowboarding or going to a corn field). Adventure Club also does Gratitude walks or go Downtown to get breakfast together. Nature Club meets on Monday during lunch in S-10 and Adventure Club on Wednesdays at lunch in or outside of P-11.

Existing for its first year, the Baking Club! The Baking Club is led by Mr. Glatstein (Chef Jeff). They meet after school on Thursdays in room 2. In Baking club, you bake. It’s pretty self explanatory. But where do they get their ingredients? They host fundraisers to pay for the ingredients and buy it themselves. Now that they have ingredients and made the food, what do they do with it? They sell them at fundraisers, so it creates a cycle. I asked Chef Jeff about how it feels about being the first to lead the group of chefs and he said it feels good. Other districts don’t have a baking club or something like that, and the food program is growing. They now have opportunities.

Mr. Cabby is incharge of Literacy Magazine, Poetry Club, Book Club, Debate Club and National Honor Society. In the Poetry Club you write poems and read them outloud to the club. The Poetry Club is once every week on Thursdays during lunch, so it’s not time consuming for those interested. “[It’s] a great opportunity for students to be creative.” Fun fact, before Mr. Cabby was incharge of the Poetry Club, he would listen and sit in. Book Club is where you talk about books and authors. It’s a chance  to talk about different genres, authors, and even books you never even heard of before. Book Club happens every Tuesday during lunch. The Literacy Magazine is a magazine where people submit their art or writing and share them with the school. He said that he likes going through the things people submit and also going through the process of submitting and publishing. If you’re interested in this club, check it out. They meet in room 410 on Fridays during lunch.

I asked Mr. Cabby about the Debate Club and he said “[It’s] time consuming.” He went on to talk about practicing after school on Fridays at 3:15 to 5:15 being led by President of the Debate Club Emma Banas. She is a Senior, and I asked her what it’s like to be part of the club and she said that it’s mainly learning and it’s more of fun than hard. I then asked Emma if they participated in tournaments and she said they did and they were mainly local. There would be some out of state, but it’ll have to be good with the school first. This club is a good club for providing different skills. For example learning to speak out loud and in front of a crowd, argue their point, take notes, and keep up with current events. 

Interested in space? Well I strongly recommend going to Mr. Rivas’ Space Club. They meet on Fridays during lunch in S-9. They talk about all the current events going on with space. They also plan on star-gazing and observing meteor showers. Last year the Space Club had an opportunity to talk to a NASA representative about the most recent mission. To join the club, join Remind by texting @lhsspace21 81010. 

Art comes in many forms, but mainly it’s drawing. If you enjoy drawing and want to share your art, Ms. Borst’s Art Club! With the art that’s made, it just says inside the club. I talked to Emma Wiedemeier, President of the Art Club, and have plans on displaying the art. With consent, of course. It’s a welcoming and encouraging environment to share and talk about art. If you are interested in joining, they meet in room A-1 on Mondays during lunch. You could also check out their Instagram page at LivermoreHighArtClub.

Do you feel like you deserve a spot in the shining lights of the stage? Well then you might be interested in Mrs. Hovey’s Drama Club, which is in the theatre on Wednesday during lunch. There are no formal shows, so don’t worry about performing in front of the school. They do a Fall Drama Showcase and a Spring Drama Showcase. And to challenge you, they do a Play In A Day! You and a group of other Drama students would plan, rehearse and then share your play. All of this is simple, but you only have 24 hours. Also fun fact, the LHS Drama Club thespian troupe 7370 which is an international honor society. In other words it looks good on transcripts and resumes too.

Have you ever wanted to play a game, but have no one to play with? TableTop Club, led by Mr. Carpenter could help with that! They play board, card, or role-playing games every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday after school. Then on Tuesday they have a club meeting, talking about new stores opening up or conventions. Once a trimester they try to take over the Student Union with games. They are “building back up from the bottom,” and “hoping in making it better than it was,” said President of TableTop, Finch Ghannam. “When you walk in you feel like your friends with everyone,” said Vice President Bee when she was asked about the vibe of the room. “You don’t even have to be a gamer,” was her closing statement.

Ms. Myllenbeck’s Sexuality And Gender Acceptance/Awareness (aka SAGA) Club is where you could go if you’re questioning or want support of your sexuality. It’s really accepting and open to anyone. If your gay, straight, bisexual, pansexual, or anything in between you could go. People mainly talk about their experience with their sexuality. I asked Ms. Myllenbeck if it’s interesting to see things like sexuality and pronouns being talked about more and she said it’s really cool and that LGBTQ+ is now in somewhat the same bracket as racial problems (like Black Lives Matter). The club, as I said before, is really inclusive and positive. If you are interested, they meet in room 408 on Fridays during lunch.

There are plenty of other clubs I didn’t mention in this article, but you could always go to the school website, click on student life, go to the C section and click on clubs, and find the full list of clubs for yourself. Clubs help students make connections with their campus and their peers. Feeling more included could help you a lot in school, knowing that you’re not the only one who likes a certain thing. Clubs have benefits, and they’re always good ones.