Construction updates on new gym, finishing towards spring


Get excited students and staff, the new gym is almost finished! Prepare for a beautiful two story facility, with many new products to improve your physical health. 

The new gym, ¨Will be done at the end of April,¨ says Mr.Vierra, a P.E teacher at Livermore High School. ¨Everything’s brand new,¨ which is nice because the, ¨Current gym´s been here since the late 40´s,¨ Says Vierra. 

A few things to know about it is that there is going to be a swimming facility, dance studio, weight room, better air conditioning, and even some classrooms. 

Ms. Boeder, the freshman P.E teacher, says it will be, ¨Something that really beautifies our whole campus,¨ The new modern state of the art look the gym has can, ¨Make the whole city kind of notice us,¨ was Ms. Boeders response.  

This new building will be very great to finally put to use after constructing it for the past two years. It gives students and teachers new tools and different or better ways to improve their body’s and minds. 

The new gym will be an exciting new start considering the current gym is the second oldest building at LHS aside from the main building.

The whole staff and especially your P.E teachers, are very thrilled and ready to get their students into the new gym super soon to try everything and improve their curriculum for the better.